Nissan Juke And Qashqai Might Get Electric Powertrains

JUN 30 2016 BY MARK KANE 23

Nissan Juke (ICE)

Nissan Juke (ICE)

Gareth Dunsmore, who is the GM of the Electric Vehicle Division at Nissan Europe, said that the electrification of Juke and Qashqai crossovers is coming.

It’s just matter of time.

“We’re leaders in crossovers and a leader with Leaf and we will combine those two in the future,”

Rather than developing dedicated all-electric models, this time Nissan seems to be willing to try a general platform that will be able to handle both the conventional and all-electric powertrains.

We see here potential for gasoline, plug-in hybrid and an all-electric version – like in case of some Volkswagens today.

“At present, Nissan’s electric models are built on dedicated EV platforms. Dunsmore said this would always be the preferable option, but the “next step is a platform fit for EVs from day one”. These platforms would also be engineered to take internal combustion engines and other drivetrain technology.”

On the other side of the market, Dunsmore hinted that Nissan is considering new small electric car, which could be part of broader LEAF family.

source: Autocar, hat tip to Adrian!

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Rogue would be better than Juke for all EV drive train. No body but Tesla gets this with their Model X. Who will be the first to launch a Tesla Model X knock off? I don’t think Nissan wants to beat the Europeans Automakers in this segment.

WTF? Seriously? So they create the Leaf, which now has a reputation for being Nissan’s ugliest car…And now they want to put the Ev drive train in what people are saying is their second-ugliest car? Why not the Rogue? Murano? heck.. the Altima or Maxima.

As a former 3 year leaf driver, I feel their was only one other car out there that was as ugly as the Leaf with headlights that are a complete design fail, and that’s the Juke. Hopefully the next gen Juke will not be a wierdmobile. I thought Nissan learned their lesson with the Leaf. Sigh.

I was going for a Rogue EV. The Rogue has plenty of space for batteries. Sure, do a Juke EV, and a Rogue EV as well.

Juke is waaaay uglier than the LEAF.

C’mon Nissan; get your thumb out and bring on some good looking EVs!!

I’ve always thought that the Cube was the ugliest car Nissan ever made. Followed by the Leaf, then the Juke. But looks are highly subjective, and some people like the looks of all three!

I was thinking the Rouge would be the best choice. But you are right a PHEV Murano would be sweet.

The Rogue/Qashqai was already mentioned as one of the two.

And since it’s for Europe and Because of European regulations it makes sense to take top sellers.

The question is if they will even come the US where EV sales are low and they won’t get any CARB credits for them anyway.

The leaf head lights are designed the way they are because of wind tunnel testing, the wind noise on the side mirrors is minimal. I’m sure you noticed this while you are driving? Anyway ( still ugly)

All talk and no action from the once leader in BEV.

“Once leader”? Nissan has sold more EVs worldwide than any other company – including Tesla. Tesla is gaining rapidly, but has yet to surpass Nissan. Besides these two, only BYD is even close. So how is Nissan suddenly no longer a leader?

Nissan sold 700.000 cars last year in Europe. And the bestseller cars were 230.000 Qashqai and 102.000 Juke! So EV powertrain in their bestseller should make the cars very affordable!

Qashqai is a real SUV and one of the cheapest in the segment. A no brainer.

I rented a juke once and thought it sucks. Design flaws are all over that car. Whatever sells I guess..

“in the future”

Way to commit Nissan.

“In the future” means closer to 2020 when regulations makes it necessary for them.

Don’t think always negative. Mitsubishi reached 20 % Outlander PHEV sales from total Europe last year. Thats years before they must and they want to sell as much as they can.
If you look the Transport Environment report, Nissan will reach the targets from 2021 three years earlier in 2018.

I’m always positive. 😉 it’s positive that they will introduce more EVs within 3,5 years (no matter if they want to or not).

Reaching the goal in 2018 that is assuming they would keep the same reduction pace as historically. The latest numbers for 2015 from the EEA (European environment agency) shows that Nissan has stagnated with only a 0,3% reduction from 2014 where a 4-5% yearly reduction would have been needed to reach the goal in 2018.

Even if the Leaf 2.0 will be selling like hot cakes they will still need to electrify a few more models (or at least the top selling Qashqai but they would need Outlander percentages or more so it’s a safe bet that they will do the Juke too).

So my original statement stands and is correct.

The Juke is one of the ugliest new cars you can buy, hope it gets a normal facsia when the EV is produced…

So VW goes for a pure EV platform, because a mixed platform doesn’t work and Nissan, the company that started with a pure EV platform, starts thinking about a mixed platform.

One of those two might be about to make a big mistake…

VW makes PHEVs as well. The Golf GTE is a good seller in Europe.

The Nissan Qashqai as a bcrossover could house a double layer of the new battery which would make it a 120 KWh vehicle. That would bring a 400 miles range within “range”.

I had a Leaf for 3 years and now a RAV4-EV. I can’t really even identify much difference from the purpose-built and retro-fit design differences. The Rav4 is bigger, has far greater range. On the “down” side the Tesla drivetrain has too much power for the Toyota — but that’s about the only thing I noticed. The Leaf powertrain seemed to fit better.

Sincerely hope Nissan comes out with a series of new EVs that can all go at least 125 to 225 miles… They can already send the van and new leaf to our shores…. a new SUV model… the updated Juke or better yet a Murano that can go 200 miles on EV or maybe just 150 with a 1.5 liter range extending motor hybrid system. Should be promising… just hope they start rolling it all out sooner rather than later… before the other makers start eating their lunch.

As a Leaf owner, I would agree on its ugliness. But I love the throttle response from even a 100 horse eleectric car. I quietly leave gas vehicles way behind when the light turns green. Unless they are prepared for making a lot of high rev noise. The future electric cars will only get faster and cheaper.