Nissan: Japan Will Double Number Of Quick Chargers From 2,900 to 6,000 By March 2015

DEC 1 2014 BY MARK KANE 12

NRG eVgo Openning Four New Freedom Station

NRG eVgo Openning Four New Freedom Station

By the way of its big announcement of 200,000 sold electric vehicles, the Renault-Nissan Alliance spilled over some infrastructure numbers.

According to the press release, in the US there are more than 750 quick chargers in operation. Of course, we are talking CHAdeMO DC quick chargers for the Nissan LEAF.

The near-term plan is for 1,100.

“In the United States, the Alliance’s biggest electric vehicle market, there are more than 750 quick chargers in operation. Nissan is working with its dealers and charging partners to increase that number to 1,100 by mid-2015. The quick chargers are able to charge a LEAF from zero to 80% capacity in about 30 minutes.”

An important commitment for Nissan is the launch of the “No Charge to Charge” program, which we believe is one of the strongest factors for improved sales.

But the real quick charging miracles occur in Japan, where the extremely high number of 2,900 QCs soon will double to 6,000! Government incentives are key in this expansion.

“In Japan, the Alliance’s second-biggest EV market, there are more than 2,900 quick chargers in operation. Nissan and Japan’s three other top automakers have pledged to work together to raise that number to 6,000 by March 2015.”

In the case of Europe, the press release is limited only to the UK:

“In Europe, the UK is the most advanced market in terms of electric vehicle infrastructure. Today, the quick charging network already covers 87% of the UK’s motorways.”

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“Nissan and Japan’s three other top automakers have pledged to work together to raise that number to 6,000 by March 2015.”

Those “three others” are Toyota, Honda, and Mazda, right? Why would any of them have any interest in increasing the number of quick chargers? What am I missing here?

The status of “750 quick chargers in operation” in U.S. is questionable. While there may have been 750 DCFC deployed since 2010; many locations are not able to be used today.

Most common faits are broken connectors, or card accesses devices with broken touch screens, or frozen software.

As the number of LEAFs passes 70,000 it is shocking that fewer than 700 DCFC could reliably provide a successful charging session! A ratio of less than 1 DCFC per 100 LEAFs (100:1). The ratio is even more disappointing given that 275,000 PEVs on the road today (393:1). The number of PEVs is expected to surpass 400,000 in the next 12 months.

In Japan the ratio of BEVs to DCFC is ~20:1 (~50,000/2900) … and could drop under ~14:1 (75,000/6000) in 2015.

The number of charging spaces could drop by a good chunk if the Tesla Model S cars start getting Chamo chargers on them. In that you could be trying along in a leaf and find the only two fast chargers hogged up by a pack of Teslas.

For those not aware, Japan and regional governments offer incentives to a business installing DCFC’s. The incentives can cover ~1/3 of the hardware and deployment investment. In return the business must ensure the station are operational for a number of years. There are also more DCFC vendors in Japan as a result of the larger market, and some lower cost options.

In the U.S. … Oregon is one of a few states to offer EVSE incentives for DCFC. The incentive is ~30% of the costs.

If only they could add 6000 to America where it would be more useful then in Japan. In that most of Japan is not that big geographically compared to America.

Also personally I think quick charger construction is right now slowing down a great deal in that you only see a new quick charger or two pop up once every few weeks. And on top of that the new quick chargers are popping up in places where there are already at. So it’s not like you are gaining any new territory for electric cars.

Current DCFC projects in U.S. include:

1. 200 DCFC in CA by eVgo … ~85 installed in 2014 & remaining ~115 in 2015
2. CHAdeMO DCFC at Nissan dealerships (exact number unknown, but over ~50% of active DCFC locations)
3. CHAdeMO / SAE CCS dual connection DCFC at 17 Kia dealers in CA
4. SAE CCS DCFC at BMW dealer locations in CA and other i-branded dealers (number unknown)
5. eVgo announced plans to expanded into Chicago area as part of Nissan’s EZ-Charge program (unknown numbers & timing)
6. Illinois state (today’s news) 8 DCFC (CHAdeMO / SAE CCS) along historic Route 66

Please add to the list, any DCFC projects planned for 2015.

Encinitas, California: 10 charger plaza to be installed

Tesla Supercharger growing by leaps and bounds.

Wow. If you look at plugshare and zoom in on Japan it becomes obvious that they have enough infrastructure there to literally allow a BEV driver to drive anywhere in the entire country. I hope to see the infrastructure in the USA like this some day. But as it stands for the foreseeable future, the PHEV is the best way to go, unless you can afford a Tesla.

I really think Nissian should try a massive DC Quick charger construction project like this in California in that California buys more leafs in a month then Japan does.

Both California and Georgia are two sates to purchase over a 1,000 LEAFs in a single month. (So far, not repeating each month … ;- )

So there will be 6 times as many chargers in Japan as there will be in the USA? :-/

And plus they don’t have a standards war.

Another 3,100 quick chargers by March 2015. That’s within 4 months. Amazing. Will they manage to do all those permits and all the construction within just 4 months?