Nissan: “It’s Official, We Now Have Over 40,000 Nissan LEAF Owners in the US!”


Our InsideEVs sales scorecard shows us that Nissan sold 39,593 LEAFs in the US through the end of November, but there’s obviously more LEAFs on the road now that we’re two weeks deep into December.

LEAF 3rd Birthday Party

LEAF 3rd Birthday Party

Nissan reports today (18 minutes ago at time of press, actually) that It’s official, we now have over 40,000 Nissan LEAF owners in the U.S!”

40,000 and counting.

It’s taken just over 3 years for LEAF sales to crest 40,000 units in the US.  Any guesses how quickly the next 40,000 will be sold?

On the worldwide level, sales of the Nissan LEAF are quickly approaching 100,000 units.

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And in the 3 years its been on the market, it appears HALF of those sales occurred in the 3rd year. Which is a good trend. Which means maybe they’ll sell 40,000 Leafs in a single year for 2014?

Nissan has said that they are planning on bumping up USA production to ~2700/mo from ~2000/mo any day now, which would put annual sales around 32-33,000.

IMO I think Nissan will either have to drop the price further and/or increase the range (or both) to sell significantly more than current levels. Given than the ’14 LEAF is basically the same as the ’13 LEAF and they were recently bragging that bringing production to the USA was allowing them to reduce production costs, I suspect that they will announce a price drop for the ’14 LEAF to go with the bump in production.

Price is already cheap, esp. on a lease basis.

It’s range and weather-resilience they need to work on.

I would like to see them do both.

They should drop the price a little on the base model and offer an extended range model with a 32KWh battery and a higher price. I would bet they could sell 5K LEAFs per month if they had an extended range model.

Plus, they are just coming out with the heat resilient battery in 2014, which should help sales in Nevada and Arizona.

Extended range model will certainly receive a warm welcome from the marketplace. Give us choices 🙂

Great news! 40,000 closer to an electric highway..

I’ll go ahead and guess it will take 1.5 years for the next 40k, and we should see 100k in the US by the end of 2015. Now how about those quick chargers? By the end of 2015, Tesla’s superchargers will cover 95% of the US. Where are the CHAdeMOs? Certainly not near me…

Sorry Brian, we’re hogging all the CHAdeMOs up here in WA and OR.

Yeah, I’m seriously disappointed in NYS. We are spending millions of dollars studying EV infrastructure instead of implementing it. There is a chance that by the end of the decade, they will have installed CHAdeMO/CCS units in the full-service rest stops, but I have been telling them to do that for free! No need to spend our tax dollars – save that money for doing something useful!

But I’m not bitter or anything…

Great and timely news for LEAF’s 3rd anniversary.

Awesome news. 🙂

Make “Nissan Aero Style” ( sounds like ‘gangnam style’) standard in the next model, and they’ll sell better. 😉

Great news now if they could just work on range and climate-battery issues. . . I think the price is solid and reasonable if they would start adding range. Making an even cheaper car that has the same range just isn’t going to push up sales in non-CHAdeMO markets. Those markets either need Nissan sponsored chargers or the range to continue to increase year by year or at the 2015 refresh.

/just my 2 cents on the mattery

There is something about turning a new LEAF! Mine is a 2012 model on a 24 month lease. I can’t wait for my next LEAF lease, a 2014 – and I will go 36 months if I can.

Nissan, thank you.

Jim NY, NY

Big whoop……………and how many of those are really “leased vehicles” instead of out right sales? Big difference bewteen leased vehicles and actually sold vehicles. Most Nissan employees lease their Leafs, because they get a huge discount on lease, and they are not stuck with it after a year or so when the battery needs to be replaced.
Electric cars will see their time come but it is going to take awhile………….in the mean time give me my SUV and lets cruise……………..

A good number are leased, although I don’t know the percentage. But that only matters so much. Those leased cars will return to the used market at very affordable prices, while the vast majority of lessors will no doubt return to another EV. And no, the battery doesn’t need to be replaced after “a year or two” unless you live in a brutally hot climate like Arizona.

ICE SUVs suck. Literally. Most Americans know these aren’t efficient vehicles, as sales of these fuel sucking vehicles have dropped since 2008. Wanting to spend THOUSANDS of dollars in just fuel (on top of the purchase price) during its lifespan, is your choice, of course. 😉

BTW, You need to read up more on lithium polymer batteries, Roger… The innacuracies of your post border on anti-EV FUD.

Roger, I am an employee, and I purchased a Leaf 2011. The Company gave employee’s no incentives the 1st year. We went online and reserved the Leaf from a dealer. I’m not the only employee still driving the 1st year model Leaf.
If buying a Leaf for money savings alone, we’re missing the point of going electric. Yes saving money is one of the benefits for an owning a Leaf, but there are so many other good and rational reason’s for going all electric Leaf. Let’s hear why you went all electric?