Nissan Installs Europe’s 1,000th CHAdeMO Quick Charger

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Nissan Installs Europe's 1,000th 30-Minute Electric Car Charger

Nissan Installs Europe’s 1,000th Quick Charger

Nissan announced an important milestone in building out the charging infrastructure in Europe: 1,000 30-minute (0-80% battery capacity) CHAdeMO chargers.

The 1,000th quick charger was installed at the Roadchef Clacket Lane Services in Surrey, UK and is available to use for free from Ecotricity network.

According to Nissan, the UK has 18% of Europe’s electric vehicle quick chargers, which must mean 180 quick chargers (but Nissan is posting a number of 195, probably including units that soon will be added).

“The new charger has been installed in collaboration with Ecotricity, a UK green energy specialist and pioneer in electric vehicle charging. The location south of London on the M25 motorway, one of the busiest in Europe, allows drivers west of London easy access to Kent and onwards into Europe.”

216 of the 1,000 are located at Nissan dealers.

Nissan is the main force in the CHAdeMO promotion around the world because it knows that CHAdeMO chargers leverage sales of the LEAF.

“The installation of the fastest type of chargers dramatically increases the uptake and usage of electric vehicles. In Norway, Europe’s biggest EV market, the number of electric vehicles using the E18 highway increased eight fold in an 18 month period after a CHAdeMO quick charger was installed on the route**.”

The latest charger added is part of 195 units in UK, which stand at main corridors across the country. In building the charging infrastructure, Nissan is partnered with inter alia IKEA, Moto, Roadchef, Welcome Break and Nissan dealers.

Number of QCs distributed across leading European markets

Number of QCs distributed across leading European markets

In 2013 alone, 124 fast chargers were installed in the UK.

Director of Electric Vehicles for Nissan of Europe, Jean Pierre Diernaz, commented:

“This is a huge landmark for zero-emission mobility, allowing a range of EVs, including the Nissan LEAF and forthcoming Nissan e-NV200 electric van, to quickly extend their journeys. The UK charging network is expanding rapidly and through our partner Ecotricity, customers are able to “refuel” their car for free with wind and solar generated electricity.”

Growth of CHAdeMO QC in Europe

Growth of CHAdeMO QC in Europe

Nissan said that rate of installation of CHAdeMO quick chargers across Europe rose sharply in 2013. From just 16 in 2010 to 155 in 2011 to 540 in 2012 and finally 1,000 in January 2014. But it seems this is just the beginning because 1,800 is on the horizon now!

“The 1,000 mark in 2013 will be dwarfed by the end of 2014 with over 1,800 quick charger points expected. Together with Nissan, investment in this Euope-wide development of infrastructure comes from a multitude of partners in the energy field, including the Swiss multinational power company ABB, French quick charger manufacturers DBT, and the Portuguese EFACEC Corporation, leaders in the electromechanics field.”

Nissan Installs Europe's 1,000th 30-Minute Electric Car Charger

Nissan Installs Europe’s 1,000th Quick Charger

EVs compatible with CHAdeMO chargers include:

  • Nissan LEAF (Model Year 11 and 13)
  • Nissan e-NV200 (comming 2014)
  • Citroen C-Zero
  • Mitsubishi i-MiEV
  • Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV
  • Peugeot iON

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Those not on board with CHAdeMO include Renault (!) VW, Mercedes, and the European regulators who are intent on phasing it out.

As I was reminded in another thread, CHAdeMO may continue to be installed chargers which have other outlets, but since it is due to be phased out, its lifespan in Europe is surely limited.

Renault went 3-phase AC — which btw the charger pictured above also offers.
Mercedes so far doesn’t include quick-charge capability. The company it has partnered with, Tesla, offers CHAdeMO for its own vehicles though.

As far as I understand it, the intent of European regulators is to not have public money spent on CHAdeMO-only quick-chargers starting 2019. Anyway, quite a few things can happen by then, including the introduction of yet-another, but this time faster, standard.

Nissan, Ecotricity, Tesla, FastNed and everyone else obviously remain free to spend their own money installing whatever they see fit.

It says here that Nissan’s chargers are AC/DC:

The Renault EVs can also use them. The picture shows 2 cables on the pole.

Wow, that really is news. It’s amazing how little actual info we get on Euro happenings!

The current regulation proposals extend the requirements until 2019, and does NOT phase out CHAdeMO, or anything else.

The list of Frankenplug Cast a Members is all the German manufacturers, plus GM, Ford and Chrysler (although Chrysler is now majority owned by Fiat, and their headquarters are moving to Great Britian for tax advantages (their claim, not mine). Of course, Tesla will never use it:

1- Audi
2- BMW, although they are offering CHAdeMO on the i3 in Japan!
3- Chrysler / Fiat
4- Daimler
5- Ford
6- GM
7- Porsche
8- VW

Why does Europe get 1,000 and the USA only gets like 300?

Subsidy, at least here in the UK.
Since we also have abysmal sales of EVs, some of them are unused, or nearly so.

The number of CHAdeMO DC Quick chargers installed up to today is 3533.

Japan 1,967
Europe 1000
USA 554
Others 12

last update 2014 Jan 31

Calling Chademo a 30min charger is really misleading. In fact, it is only a 30 minute charge because of the severe range limitations of the LEAF. If Nissan ever gets around to a 150 mile range LEAF they will be 60min chargers! This means the infrastructure actually gets worse as technology progresses. Much different than the Superchargers that Tesla is rolling out.

Excellent point but remember you only need to charge up enough to get to where you are going plus some extra for comfortable/speedy_driving/anxiety_relief.

The problem with that assertion is the assumption that people always know where they are going, how they will get there (i.e. detours), and how much charge they will “need”.

The real problem with the CHAdeMO installations is that there is usually only one station per location. If that station is not working or otherwise unavailable it wreaks havoc in people’s schedules and apparently their state of mind. To make an analogy, how many fuel stations only have one pump? To make another analogy how many Tesla superchargers have one plug?

I suspect the first 8 stall charging plaza (except for Tesla) will be installed in California this year.

With any luck, that will set the standard in the future for non-Tesla charging.

But isn’t the Chademo spec capable of using higher amps than they are using in most of the current chargers?

Yes, 100kW, or 500 volts multiplied by 200 amps.

The current specification is 500 volts * 125 amps = 62.5kW.

In a current LEAF at about 400 battery volts, at 125 amps = 50kW.

To be more specific, LEAF only pulls 120 amps at 395 volts = 47.4kW.