Nissan Increases LEAF Sales In Japan Seventh Month In A Row

AUG 27 2016 BY MARK KANE 4

Nissan LEAF CHAdeMO charging

In Japan there is 7,000 CHAdeMO chargers, but some of them are shy and hiding from strangers in shed

Nissan’s run of sales luck continues in July for Japan, extending the period of growth to seven months.

It appears that the Japanese consumer has decided the the 107 miles (172 km) of range found in the new premium trim levels for the 2016 model year is more than adequate for their needs…something we certainly have not seen in the US, as Nissan’s EV is currently mired in a 13 month sales depression.

In July, sales in Japan increased 32.9% to 922 cars, which isn’t a new record for the month such as in June, but still relatively good.

YTD numbers for the LEAF now stands at 10,329 – up 67% year-over-year.

In total, Nissan has sold about 68,000 LEAFs in Japan, out of over 230,000 worldwide.

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It’s an odd phenomenon. Don’t they do any research online? Presumably there cannot be very many of these buyers that think a facelifted, better-looking, slightly more efficient Leaf with much more range is coming in just five weeks or so – along with a significant price reduction if 30 kWh is really seen as enough to make any more worth little.

In any case Leaf sales in 2017 ought to be *really* strong in Japan!

Just got back from a week in Tokyo. I saw exactly two on the street. Got back to California and saw half a dozen or more on a 20 mile trip from the airport.

Good anecdote!

Will there be 200 miles range EV in Japan later this year or early next year? In US, there will be Bolt, which kills the enthusiasm for 107 miles Leaf. AFAIK, no such car for Japan. When the cat’s away (or unavailable), mice will play.