Nissan IMx Production Still Some 2 Years Away

AUG 1 2018 BY MARK KANE 12

The production Nissan IMx is coming, but sales are expected to start around 2020 at the earliest.

Alfonso Albaisa, Global Design Head for Nissan Motor, told IndianAutosBlog that the IMx crossover is at least two years away. As we are in mid-2018, the second half of 2020 seems to be the target.

Nissan IMx

“We are going to be expanding the EVs with a crossover.. we hinted with the IMx”

The IMx concept was unveiled in Tokyo last year and also at the Geneva Motor Show in slightly modified version.

This is sad news, especially since Nissan doesn’t have many electric models to choose from, despite the fact that the Japanese company was the EV pioneer in 2010.

Nissan’s EV investment really weakened several years ago and everything was rolling basically on the LEAF, which wasn’t refreshed quite enough for the second-generation. The 2nd generation on the other hand still awaits the much-anticipated 60 kWh battery pack version.

According to the article, the IMx will be based on the second-generation LEAF platform (modified), which is surprising to us as we know that Nissan is developing an all-new BEV platform for use by the Alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi. Having the 2021 IMx on the older platform when other manufacturers like Volkswagen are switching to all-new platforms would be strange and placed Nissan at a disadvantage.

“Its not just about performance, but the IMx is also about the new platform, the design head insists. Nissan said that the concept IMx adopts Nissan’s new EV platform designed for “maximum efficiency” with a completely flat floor and low center of gravity. It is to be noted however that the second generation Nissan Leaf already uses this platform.”

Nissan IMx KURO concept

Nissan IMx quick specs:

  • up to 600 km (373 miles) of range in JC08 (which means about 225 miles/360 km translated to real world/EPA driving)
  • double-motor all-wheel drive – 320 kW and 700 Nm of system output

Source: Indian Autos Blog

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Tesla Model Y competition is obviously coming from Nissan, in the IMx crossover. Good to see Nissan starting to recognize the Tesla ramp into the Model Y, and try and keep up, or maybe lead, at least for a short while. That is only if Tesla can’t actually deliver sometime late in 2020.

Any Tesla Model Y production hell, may give the Nissan IMx a little breathing room.


Nope I see late 2021 for the model 3


You meant Model Y, not Model3 for 2021, me thinks.


What do you consider Model Y competition? The Kona and Nero are both crossovers available now/very soon, there’s Volvo’s offering that will likely be in the same space and available prior to the Y. Arguably the I Pace is direct competition too (small crossover) depending on how much and what the specs are exactly for the Model Y.

2021 (if the Y is available then) is going to have quite a busy small/”affordable” crossover market. Tesla are just one of the companies that need to hurry up and produce something good, to get ahead in that market.

William Ames


Robb Stark

Kona and Nero are subcompact.

I-Pace is compact starting at $70k.

Model Y will likely be a midsize CUV starting at $40k or less.


Volvo 40 CUV EV


Tesla coming into a crowded market.


So a beta suv might be out at the end of winter ok


Maybe he was trying to say the “second generation platform” for the Leaf as the first generation is still in use with the current Leaf. His comment’s don’t quite tally with other Nissan statements regarding timelines for new models etc.


What’s a crossover?


Who really knows anymore!


Hey, look- it’s another EV concept car!