Nissan IMs Concept Debuts As Sleek 380-Mile Electric Sport Sedan


Nissan estimates the concept could go 380 miles on a charge, thanks to a 115-kilowatt-hour battery

Nissan attempts to create a new segment that it calls an “elevated sports sedan” with the unveiling of the IMs Concept at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show. The idea combines the higher ride of a crossover with the svelte shape of a traditional four-door into a fresh electric vehicle concept.

The IMs’ exterior shape is futuristic yet familiar for a sedan. The overall design opts for chiseled surfaces but layers them to create sections with smooth lines. In front, there’s no conventional grille, but Nissan still incorporates its trademark V-shaped front end by making the shape out of the headlights. The arching roof looks especially sleek, and like nearly every concept car there are suicide doors for a great look into the cabin from folks at the Detroit show. At the back, a thin strip of LED lighting spans the tail.

On the inside, Nissan intends the aesthetic to evoke “timeless Japanese futurism.” The cabin largely features dark fabric upholstery on the seats and gold-colored touches across the dashboard and door panels. There’s an odd three-row seating layout that uses two, stowable seats at the very back and a larger captain’s chair in front of them. Multiple digital screens span the front occupants’ view. When driving autonomously, the steering wheel retracts, and the driver can turn around to spend time with the passengers.

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And as a”premium vehicle”, does the most expensive part of the car being the battery have a real Thermal Management System or are they just going to wing it like they have done with their wilted Leafs so far?

Do Not Read Between The Lines

Another day at an auto show. Another concept.

No door handles and no mirrors? Yep, it’s a concept. 😛

The article is also called
“Nissan IMs Concept “.

Why not offer a sedan and a crossover, instead of something oversized no body asked for. Is the ice industry so afraid of the success of the 3 sedan, that they will try anything but a sedan with their new ev. It just seems too easy to make a direct competitor to what has a 400,000 unit backlog in sales with paid reservations.

And by eliminating thei own sedan options does not mean those consumers still done want sedan or 5 doorfast back (Model S) Whoever makes the sleek and sexy sedan ev wins…. we need more than just Model 3.

I think the ice industry is stuck in their own marketing, that says everybody wants a SUV or crossover, to justify killing off their sedans, but it is the sedan that is the top selling ev and they are trying to ignore that fact.

Again….whoever makes the sub $35k 200+ mile sedan/5 door wins. And there can be many winners.

The Tesla model Y is due out in later 2019. In all states and big numbers.

C’mon Nissan. I already have one of these (my Tesla Model 3). How about an all-electric Rogue, Frontier, or Altima?

Someone should send a memo to the entire legacy manufacturer industry: “Thanks, we’re all good on concepts. We’ve established how to use CAD and drawing software. Now let’s start building stuff that folks can actually use.”

Is this WLTP range? JC08 range? Since its from a Japanese manufacturer.

Looks nice, but tired of waiting for more EV options…

Production will start in 2022?

I haven’t been following the auto shows, but I would be interested to know if there have been similar reveals of purely ICE cars. Given the time and money it takes to even refresh a model line, the lack of new ICE models would be a pretty clear indication that a company is throwing in the towel on the technology. Another interesting comparison would be the difference between a company’s consumer line (e.g., Nissan) and the luxury line (Infiniti).

Both Lincoln MKS and Ford Taurus are tall sedans with height over 60″ and both ended up in trash bin of automotive history.
Even Nissan Murano Convertible failed and they are following the same path with IMS and this will also go down.

The main reason crossovers are gaining is their 5 door design which maximizes the trunk space and the overall vehicle space besides having the facility to grab anything from trunk while driving.
Also by folding the rear seat, we get lot more room to carry bigger items.

Nice design, but I doubt the final product will even resemble this. Nissan has probably the worst concept car to production reality results. As an example, the IDS:
And the production leaf:×432.jpg

Well the tires look very similar..

Car shows without concept cars are nothing more than indoor auto-malls. We already know what you have for sale now, we want to see what could be. Over my lifetime I have been wowed by some crazy concepts from all the manufacturers with few making it to production but that doesn’t mean I enjoyed seeing them any less. Keep the car shows alive and keep the concepts coming!

Why stop at a 115 kWh battery on the Nissan IMs concept, go up a notch to a 125kWh battery, and your into the coveted Holy Grail 400-mile range territory.

Probably doesn’t have TMS.


Seriously guys, could u please stop your obsession with TMS! Some cars afford it and others don’t. Yes it is a nice feature but would every Nissan customer be willing to pay an additional 2k? You should rather enjoy the numerous releases of EVs and concepts instead of dismissing every car against Tesla.

Concepts are an important part as they are a display to where an automotive manufacturer wants to go for future models! Design language, engineering elements, technical innovations are all that make up these vehicles. Without concepts, a lot of what we take for granted today would never have materialized. So give all these manufacturers a break. Sometimes concepts are way, way out there, but many like today’s IMS reveal portray a legitimate path and direction for Nissan’s future.

No such thing as “elevated sport”. Nissan wants everyone in an elevated ICE, so they can skip stiff regs and never actually off this EV.

This “new segment” of an “elevated sports sedan” already exist with the Jaguar I-Pace.

Another Euro point of view

:-). So if I got it well the “elevated sports sedan” category which seem to become so popular is made to avoid people growing an inferiority complex by sitting lower to the ground that their fellow drivers ? I guess so as if it was only for ease of getting out and inside the car we would see cars briefly elevated during that short transition time using specifically designed suspensions and low on the ground the rest of the time.