Nissan Hints At Possible Electric Vehicle Collaboration With India’s Mahindra-Reva


According to Indian Cars Bikes, Nissan and India’s Mahindra-Reva are considering a backend collaborative deals for the advancement of electric vehicles.

Mahindra Reva Electric e2o

Mahindra Reva Electric e2o

“Nissan is open to collaboration with other EV manufacturers in India, in particular for the charging network.”

Stated Andy Palmer, Nissan’s executive vice-president for Zero Emission Vehicle Planning & Strategy.

Palmer’s response came when asked if Nissan would consider some sort of tie up with India’s leading EV manufacturer Mahindra-Reva.

Of course, Nissan has long been the world leader in regards to EV charging infrastructure, so we’re certain Nissan would be thrilled to get some assistance from at least one more automaker.

“Charging infrastructure is one of the two prime movers for success of EVs.   The other ‘prime mover’ is government incentive.”

Says Palmer.

Mahindra-Reva is open to the idea of teaming with Nissan.  Dr. Pawan Goenka, executive director, Mahindra & Mahindra and chairman of Mahindra-Reva, stated:

“Yes, we are always open to talk to any OEM who wants to work with us and create the right kind of technology or infrastructure for electric vehicles. If Nissan is interested, we’ll be more than happy to talk to them.”

Source: Indian Cars Bikes

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Is Nissan really “the” world leader in infrastructure? I would tend to give that crown to Tesla. Even if Nissan has put out more chargers than Tesla, they aren’t as logically placed.

by population atended with fast chargers Nissan wins.
Tesla chargers are better placed, thats true, but Nissan has more than 3.500 chargers all around the world compare with 101 of Tesla, and not only Nissan cars can use them, sooooo yep, the world leader in infrastructure is Nissan.

How many of those did Nissan build?

How many of those are Nissan owned, built and operated?

Nissan dealers are “independently” operated franchise business….

All right, Hector didn’t word it very well, Nissan doesn’t “have” ~4k quick-chargers.

– This is the number of QCs available to their customers (and others’, including Tesla’s, “any day now”).
– Even though the majority of those QCs have been installed and/or are operated by other companies, Nissan subsidized or donated tons of equipment, partnered with stations operators, made dealers install QCs, etc.

This possible collaboration with Mahindra-Reva would follow a long list of achievements. E.g:

So yep indeed, I agree with the author too, Nissan remains the automaker which contributed the most to this infrastructure.

Which benefit the Nissan products the most since it is the standard it supports….

Good, I really hope both companies end up teaming up on the infrastructure and/or other EV tech, and help make it mainstream. India’s air quality is now as bad as China’s; plus-ins can’t get there too soon.

Also, Mahindra already came up with proprietary charging connector(s). [Sigh]. Maybe Nissan can steer them towards something proven and standard instead.

Aha.. 2 days and i missed the most important news w.r.t EV in India. If this thing is going to be implemented then it will be a game changer 🙂
I wish GoI should also grant some aid.