Nissan Gripz Plug-In Hybrid Concept At 2015 Tokyo Motor Show

OCT 29 2015 BY MARK KANE 16

Nissan Gripz concept

Nissan Gripz concept

Nissan Gripz concept, unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show, was present at the Tokyo Motor Show alongside IDS Concept and Teatro for Dayz.

Unlike the two others, Gripz concept crossover is a plug-in hybrid.

Series hybrid drivetrain “Pure Drive e-Power” utilizes a petrol engine, generator and the LEAF’s 80 kW electric motor.

Noticeable is that while Mitsubishi mostly focuses on plug-in hybrids, yet unveiled the all-electric eX in Tokyo, Nissan, who solely focuses on all-electric presented a plug-in hybrid in Tokyo. Are the two Japanese automakers plotting changes in direction?

Nissan Gripz concept

Nissan Gripz concept

Nissan Gripz concept

Nissan Gripz concept

Nissan Gripz concept

Nissan Gripz concept

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16 Comments on "Nissan Gripz Plug-In Hybrid Concept At 2015 Tokyo Motor Show"

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I like this too, it’s funky !

So if this means it will have an elecric range of around 80 miles + petrol RE it should sell quite well.

Perhaps it doesn’t have the 24kw battery ?

They do not change directions, they add more choices.

My guess is that creating a pure EV drivetrain powerful enough for an SUV is just too expensive for the Nissan lineup. PHEV SUVs are probably the way to go for the next 5 – 10 years.

If 200 mile range is the new bar (old to Tesla, but everyone is migrating), it is going to be difficult to deliver an SUV at the $30k – 40k price point.

Another Gull Wing’d concept…

Based on these concepts, Leaf will be another ugly car unfortunatelly…

Looks like a Hot Wheels car.


aerodynamicsbedamned — needs more ground-clearance (+1 on [30″] hotwheels, or is it WagonWheels?)

ugg, really Nissan? what happened to you being the sportscar company. Does anyone really want a reject from the baja 1000 as a street car?

Just make the Rouge a PHEV with a 35mi EV range. And keep it in the $30k range.

5kw PV

Hideous. Hideous. Why are half the concept cars coming out lately so freakishly ugly? It’s got a snout nose, and the rear end looks like it’s got a giant tumour. I admire that they’re trying to break the mould, but they’re taking it waaaay out of proportion.

Though I do like the wheels. The design on those looks sick.

Seeing the Gripz gives me hope for someday seeing an electrified Juke or Murano. Either of those, fully or partly electrified, would be my choice over a Chevrolet Bolt.

Meh, not a fan of either the Juke or the Murano. I’d much prefer a PHEV Rogue. A PHEV Pathfinder would be even better. Take the drive train out of that hideous mess, stick it in a Pathfinder and I’d buy one!

Looks like they put in some design ideas from the IDx sports car concept they killed off a couple months ago.