Nissan Gives The LEAF A 500 Mile Range* (w/video)

JUN 16 2013 BY JAY COLE 6

Nissan has just increased the range of their LEAF by more than 600%, as you can now travel from Paris to the South of France on just a single charge.

500+ Miles Of Range...With A Little Help

500+ Miles Of Range…With A Little Help

Of course, that is the only particular course you can take the extended journey on, as Nissan has teamed up with French rail firm SNCF to provide free train rides for yourself and your car to visit the French Riviera.

“Thanks to an innovative partnership between Nissan and French national rail company SNCF, Nissan LEAF drivers can take their car on vacation without worrying about battery range, motorway tolls or the stress of dealing with vacation traffic on a long journey.”

“The special EV partnership with SNCF’s Auto-Train service means owners can drive their Nissan LEAF to the famous Bercy rail station in Paris where their car is fully charged at a Nissan-installed Quick Charger before being loaded on a train for the overnight journey south.”

The first trip is on Nissan, as LEAF owners can claim “one completely free return journey” then a subsequent 30% discount on other trips.

As part of the package, SNCF offers “complimentary” battery top-ups as part of the trip.   The charge station itself is provided by Nissan, and is part the company’s deployment of 40 Quick Chargers throughout France and part of the earlier announced 400 European locations.

Just as random information:  The round trip between Paris and Nice for 4 persons (+ the LEAF) costs around €235 / $315 USD – which includes the 30% discount, and takes about 6 hours


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Honestly this isn’t a bad solution. It’s kind of like the bicycle cars on CalTrain. I don’t expect Amtrak to offer this service any time in the near future, though. Besides, if they did, it would cost 10x the cost of renting an ICE car and filling it with gas…

Dam I just thought they super sized the battery,
still a nice trip for Leaf all the same oh la la. LOL!

Why not. Elegant solution. It depends how frequent is train schedule and how in advance you shall plan you trip. Trains in France are very fast therefore the speed and ecology would be merged.

Unfortunately you can not load a car in a TGV.


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