Nissan Gives Six year-Old Henry, the “Emotional Environmentalist”, A Custom-Designed LEAF – Video

AUG 26 2016 BY JAY COLE 18

A few months ago, a video of six-year old Henry Marr hit the Internet, showing his intense reaction to a video that he had watched earlier that day school on pollution, which lead to his activism around conservation from then on. (That video is also attached below).

Henry's new custom ride

Henry’s new custom ride

Henry’s reaction went viral, and earned him the name the “Emotional Environmentalist“, spurring the youngster to continue in his quest to save the word.

As Nissan explains

“Henry’s video received millions of views. Since, he’s been embracing his newfound fame and working to do his part, to help the environment.

Henry has since written a book called “Enjoy the Planet, Don’t Wreck It.” He also patrols his neighborhood park, Littler Mountain Park, picking up litter and watching out for those not taking care of the earth. If he sees a “naughty person” he blows his whistle.”

Apparently, Nissan was also affected by the interest shown in Henry’s video (and his subsequent devotion to the Earth), as the company hooked up the Marr family with their own LEAF – customized with some of Henry’s artwork.

Henry plugs-in his new Nissan LEAF

Henry plugs-in his new Nissan LEAF


“In August, Nissan wrapped a Nissan LEAF in Henry’s artwork and delivered the car to his home – so that the family could drive smog-free and show Henry what electrical vehicles are all about.

When Nissan delivered the LEAF to the family in Mount Vernon, Washington, it was a complete surprise to Henry. The family will be charging the LEAF at their home, a public charging station up the street from where they live and at the husband’s office (an electric utility). They live in the Pacific Northwest corridor of charging stations.”



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I gotta say, this is impressive on Nissan’s part. Good job.

It almost makes up for denying the Canadian group-buy. :-

The canadian group buy would be over subsidized, 11k $ for new Leaf. It also hurts Nissan leasing returns, not only in the Canada, also in US. And second, the upgraded Leaf is also prepared, they have no inventory of 3000 2016 LEafs and 2017 Leaf should be produced in a few weeks. Third, nobody should get something “free”.

Thankfully Tesla didn’t give him a Model X or else we’d be subjected to 40 replies kvetching about FWDs or, gee, sales must really be bad and Tesla is on the brink of ruinfor Elon Musk to be giving his cars away . . .

So you know it is not an article about Tesla yet you can’t stop yourself from trolling here. Go away.

I am pretty sad to see this level of agit-prop messing with a kid that young. The world isn’t great and we can treat the environment a lot better than we do right now, but remember where the environmental movement started. In the country this poor little fool is living in.
Sadly, Canada has shown us that a slightly older kid can be elected Prime Minister, and the child up north will probably be just as logical as the child in this video.
Maybe the Greens just need a stronger 2 minute hate against people that actually produce the electricity and gasoline that that kid seems to believe is his birth right.

An unspoiled planet is the birthright of all future generations.

If we have more kids like this, we might stand a chance of fulfilling our obligations to the future.

Is the standard of living we enjoy now a birthright as well? Because a large part of the reason we have homes like we do, and cars and mass transit like we do, is because we took advantage of the incredible energy density of oil and, gasp, coal.
“Unspoiled” is a relatively vague notion, is it spoiled if there are 10,000,000,000 people on it? If so, who goes first? The villager in Haiti participating in the deforestation of the island they live on but using little in the way of resources. Or do we limit the right to have children in first world nations that use the lions share of energy?
My question about the agit-prop the greens are using is, “What is the end state?”
Or perhaps more importantly,
“What is the intended one, and what is the more likely one, given the law of unintended consequences?”
The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Something is sad here…but it’s not the kid.

I don’t see how the greens are to be blamed in any way in this case. It’s everyone’s habitat, green or not green. I’m also quite sick of people complaining about the effects of climate change yet so many go buy fossil vehicles worth 80k or more… Also not a big fan of some of the environmental organisations. WWF and Pronatura are some of the worst environmental groups I know of because they’re counterproductive: they’re against wind turbines, hydro and even solar.

Careful Ziv. Someone will start calling you names soon for, gasp, expressing your opinion.


People can disagree without being disagreeable.

I agree that I hate fearmongering in general and with kids in particular, BUT…

Future generations do not and cannot have a voice.

In my mind this silly video had transcended that issue, and become a cri de couer for those that cannot speak for themselves.

I hear you, John. The thing is that the NEA actively encourages this sort of teaching, and I just have to wonder what is the end result going to be down the road.
We have made huge strides in the past 40 years, but you would think that our air is getting dirtier, that our rivers are getting more polluted when in fact it is the opposite.
The biggest problem we have, and I think it surpasses the increase in CO2 levels up to 4/10,000 of the atmosphere, is habitat/natural biosphere loss. But I don’t see an effective big push to restrict the growth of suburbs and cities.
Instead we have teachers tormenting children with supposed monsters under their bed.

“Instead we have teachers tormenting children with supposed monsters under their bed.”

Yeah those teachers and the NEA, out torturing little kids!

Jeez, why don’t you go send in your mail in ballot for Trump right now if that makes you feel better.

I’d like to buy the world a Coke, and live in perfect harmony.

Just the latest in cynical corporate marketing. Cars are incredibly wasteful, electric cars slightly less so.

Perhaps a clever move by Nissan – but personally I have to say I find the whole affair both depressing and disgusting.

Depressing because people react more to a kid’s tantrums than to the facts themselves – which of course they knew already. Disgusting because Nissan is of course just cynically trying to exploit this for publicity and profits.

What an f-ed up world we live in.