Nissan Fully Reveals New LEAF Nismo Concept


Promises to deliver “instant acceleration at all speeds.”

Following yesterday’s sneak preview, Nissan has published a complete set of images with Nismo’s take on the second-generation Leaf.

The regular variant of the 2018 LEAF (full details here) is not what you would call an exhilarating car by any means (it’s not meant to be, according to Nissan), but Nismo is attempting to give the zero-emissions hatchback some mojo by installing a sporty body kit featuring the firm’s signature red accents.

With that said, Nissan’s 2019 LEAF is promised to have 50% more range (up to ~225 miles), but also higher performance.

Nissan LEAF Nismo

Changes on the Nismo LEAF include a beefier front bumper with a spoiler lip as well as bigger mesh pieces of trim hosting horizontal LED lights replacing the trapezoidal clusters of the standard 2018 Leaf.

The side profile shows Nismo-branded alloy wheels with high-performance tires and a slightly lowered ride height as a result of implementing a stiffer suspension setup.

At the back, a somewhat more aggressive diffuser has the fog light mounted in the center in the same vein as F1 cars have a rain light. The compulsory “Nismo” badge adorns the hatch.

Nissan LEAF Nismo

There’s not much to say about the interior as the only changes that have been made are the red accents noticeable around the air vents and also for the seat upholstery. The same theme has been applied onto the door panels and the start button mounted on the center console where the “Nismo” logo serves as a reminder it’s not a run-of-the-mill Leaf.

Beyond the styling tweaks, the concept aims to provide “instant acceleration at all speeds” thanks to what Nissan describes as being a “custom-tuned computer.” We will find out what that actually means on October 25 when the Leaf Nismo will premiere at the Tokyo Motor Show where there’s also going to be a Serena Nismo sporty minivan on display.

Nissan LEAF Nismo

It is believed Nissan will also unveil a Leaf-based SUV due to go on sale in 2019, but the report has yet to be confirmed.

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Hope, the “custom tuned computer” has been tune to produce meaningfull performance.

Would love to just have some of this tunning in any actual Leaf.

The Leaf already offers “instant acceleration at all speeds”. It’s not a whole lot of acceleration at speeds higher than 30MPH, but it is instant.

That is correct. Much more instant response than my FFE or i3. Just nothing above 30mph. That’s why the i3 would easily be a 6 second flat car with instant throtthe response off the line. The Nismo looks great. Seats look awesome too.

great design
hope to have a nice performance as its appearance

Stiffer suspension tuning is also being planned for the standard LEAF in America. Reviewers who had the chance to drive LEAF v.2 in Japan commented on it’s soft setup.

This Nismo version has low profile tires, known for a harsh ride, but surely the stiffer suspension would be on this model in Japan – if not an even more serious, but perhaps jarring version.

The specs of the 2017 Ford Focus Electric and the 2018 Nissan Leaf are very similar including horsepower. But the FFE could definitely use a Nismo upgrade, especially the “custom-tuned computer”. The FFE has always had more power than the Leaf but wasn’t any faster because computer torque limiting at lower speeds.

FFE = blistering 0-60 at 9.9 sec. and an EV range of 100 miles? All with a giant box in the cargo hold impeding storage of anything bigger than a compact car’s trunk?

I think LEAF 2 has a few more things goin’ on than the FFE…Just sayin’….

I’m not thrilled with 150 miles and an air-cooled pack…But as a lease it’s not a bad way to go.

This NISMO is a body kit and some hard-riding tires…But it’s smart looking, to my eye.

You know nothing about the Ford Focus Electric. The 2017 FFE has a 33.5 kWh battery pack, compared to the 30 kWh battery of the 2017 Leaf, and the EPA range of the 2017 FFE is 115 miles, which I have exceeded in my 2017 FFE at highway speeds by at least 20 miles. The cargo space is smaller than that of the Leaf but the FFE cargo space is very configurable and very usable.

You really shouldn’t bash cars you know nothing about.

FYI, I’m on my second FFE and I’ve loved both of them. I’ve had a 2013 FFE for two and a half years and I bought a 2017 FFE a few months ago. I probably would have stayed with my 2013 FFE if it had CCS charging but at the time I bought it there really weren’t any CCS stations around anyway.

All black in the NISMO would be sweet – with the red accents n’ all…

Hey Nissan, instead of focusing on pointless bling, why don’t you pour your efforts into producing an actual good EV? How about range and acceleration as good or better than the Bolt?

Gee, that’s pretty complicated…

You have to walk before you can run. Within five years we should see a full line of EVs coming out of all the major auto manufacturers. I’m not a great Leaf fan but I do like the 2018 much better than I like the older Leafs.

Nissan has been walking since 2011 !!
If this was their first crack at an EV then maybe they’d get a pass. This Nismo stuff is irrelevant IMHO.
The 2018 is an incremental improvement over the older Leaf. Those were all incremental improvements to their prior year models for the most part.
I’d say the 2018 is Leaf 1.5 It has lots of bits and pieces from the older Leaf because that’s how mr. penny pincher rolls.
Like before the 2018 is a great commuter appliance. Would have been better with active thermal BMS and dual motors but again, Ghosn probably nixed those due to increased costs.
My 2015 Leaf lease is up in July and I’m not convinced it’ll be replaced by another Leaf.

From an engineering perspective, evolution is better than revolution. It gives you more mature and tried and tested technology with better reliability at lower cost. Mass market adoption of EVs needs that more than gimmicks, or range that 99% of people won’t use.

As it is now the leaf is more pleasant to look at and be inside of than the bolt. I would definitely take a Nismo Leaf over a Bolt any day, especially with the superior driving aids.

2019 is looking to be the best year yet for the Leaf!

ioniq e or egolf

The invertor will be time to release lot juice to the powertrains

Instant torque steer and wheel-spin from inferior FWD at all speeds!

The custom tuned computer should be a Lebowski brain. With the right inverter, those Leaf motors can take 300bhp before saturating.