Nissan Features Electric LEAF As An Answer To Fuel Shortage In New York (Video)

NOV 9 2012 BY STAFF 5

Gas anxiety?

Nissan is featuring a local Long Islander in a video about the electric LEAF; and how owning one can take the pressure off finding gasoline in a pinch, like during the aftermath of the super storm that recently hit the New York/New Jersey area.

According to Nissan: Once Sandy hit, offices, homes and subways flooded. Trees tore through structures, and even now with much of the electrical power restored and debris removed, it is not easy to get gas.  Long lines at filling stations are forming all across the area.  Even at two in the morning, vehicles are backed up for miles.

“I didn’t realize I would be the only one driving for a couple of days and everybody else would be just in a tough position,” said LEAF owner Varun Bhatiaof Long Island, New York.

Some Non-Electric Car Owners In New York

Bhatia had his 2012 Nissan LEAF shipped from Washington State so he could be among the first in New York to own the fully electric car.  He said he bought the car because of the way it drives and feels on the road, but now he has a new appreciation for not needing gas.

“I never thought we would have a fuel shortage because that didn’t happen last year.  We actually had a very big storm, more water last year.  And I didn’t realize New Jersey got so hit [during Sandy] that they couldn’t get fuel out of there,” said Bhatia.

 It looks as if Nissan is taking advantage of having the proverbial shoe on the other foot, and using gas-anxiety as a reason to buy an electric car.

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If he is on Long Island he’s one of the few with power from National Grid’s “Long Island Lighting”.
Gov Andrew CUOMO was on the news today saying how seriously DISGUSTED he is with British owned NG, (unfortunately also my overpriced utility here in Niagara Falls), because the power went out 2 weeks ago on LI, and even Bone Dry areas still don’t have Juice. He’s threatening to pull their franchise. I just hope the state forces a draconian cut in rates commensurate with their lousy and incompetent service.

I know Lyle has a home gen set that uses fuel from the natural gas line to his house….but what if the natural gas service was interupted??

Maybe if one had a 250 gal tank of propane on ones property that might solve the problem..

Love it!!!


Seems to me you’re worse off with a pure EV than a gas car when a storm destroys services. You can use a generator to run gas pumps, and trucks can deliver if the roads are open (if they aren’t, what are you going to do with a charged electric car?). Downed power lines cause more of an instant problem and can take weeks to repair. Perhaps more importantly, can the limited range of most EVs evacuate you to safety?

Can a home generator create enough current to put a meaningful charge into an EV?

You’re missing a key point. If power is out, you cannot pump gasoline either. This was a huge problem in the tri-state area. Many gas stations had fuel that they couldn’t pump while others with power quickly pumped their tanks dry. Electricity will return to service before gas stations do, in which case an EV will be useful before an ICE is.

Of course, if one drives a Volt, you have the redundancy to protect you from either shortage.