Nissan Exec Discusses All-Electric IMx SUV Concept – Video

NOV 2 2017 BY MARK KANE 10

Nissan’s Senior Vice President of Global Design, Alfonso Albaisa shared hits thoughts on the inspiration behind the new all-electric IMx concept – the first all-electric crossover from Nissan.

Nissan IMx

According to Albaisa, the visuals of the latest concept is defined by the technology itself.

The Nissan IMx is full of technology (as one expects from a concept), as it hints at a new all-electric, double-motor all-wheel drive platform and autonomous driving of the future.

Specifically, the IMx is the foreshadow vehicle to the upcoming all-electric utility vehicle that Nissan promised on the market by 2019.

With that said, Nissan doesn’t really want to talk about any future EV offerings (or longer range options) with the new 2018 LEAF arriving in Europa and the US in January.

Silence and the effortless freedom of the electric power-train is translated into simpler shapes and dynamic styling; which if we are being honest was either a hit or miss with show-goers.  Our word to describe the reaction to the IMx would be polarizing, and as such, we don’t expect the ultimate Nissan CUV in production to be near this radical.

The interior is said to welcome the owner with peace and harmony, but all the elements found inside play a role – even the wood is digital, and assists to present what is around the vehicle through illumination.

Nissan IMx quick spec:

  • up to 600 km (373 miles) of range in JC08 (which means about 225 miles/360 km translated to real world/EPA driving)
  • double-motor all-wheel drive – 320 kW and 700 Nm of system output

And here we present few more photos from the  2017 Tokyo Motor Show:

Nissan IMx

Nissan IMx

Nissan IMx

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Prediction: It will end up looking more like the 2018 Leaf, but with AWD and a higher ride height.

Think Subaru Impreza 5-door vs Crosstrek.

It looks like you could give yourself a nasty cut on that thing !

All electric is nice, but they need to review the BMW i3 REX. Most of the world has Zero high speed chargers. And Nissan hasn’t hooked up to the Tesla network. So, a Range Extender REX would be very welcome.

Just go to and filter out all the 120 volt charging stations and you’ll see.

Now, Europe? They’re ready.

Ugly as can be. Looks like a Mirai in the front.

This is as likely to appear looking even 10% like this as the Faraday Future will ever happen.

The fact they are willing to spend so much time discussing this says to me that a real EV SUV from Nissan is a long way away.

Just give us a PHEV Rouge with 50mi EV range.

That is one severely ugly vehicle. It seems the guy that designed the Pontiak Aztek was able to find another job.

yeah – ugh – Huge Grill, Star Wars fighter slashing cues ala Toyota CHR , stolen Tesla 3 headlights and hood, it is a cobbled together mess! Yuck -Come on Man…

OMG, that thing is hideous. Would the Japanese car company stylists please stop copying the Toyota Prius? It doesn’t sell due to its styling. It sells because it is a cheap plug-in hybrid.