Nissan Evalia (aka NV200) Electric to Be Built in India


Nissan e-NV200

Nissan e-NV200

Electric Nissans

Electric Nissans

Remember that Nissan-Bhutan deal?

Well, here’s the latest development.

Nissan has decided that in order to make the e-NV200 affordable in places like Bhutan, it will build it in India.

Called the Nissan Evalia over there, the electric MPV will be built at Renault-Nissan’s Oragadam factory on the outskirts of Chennai, India. The battery and other powertrain components will ship from Renault-Nissan’s facility in Barcelona, Spain.

However, gliders won’t be shipping out of Spain.  The facility in India will handle full builds of the electric Evalia, aside from manufacturing the electric powertrain components and battery.

This move will allow Nissan to make the Evalia more affordable so that it can price it low in Bhutan and other markets in the region.

It’s believed that most of the electric Evalias that end up in Bhutan will see use as taxis.

Furthermore, Nissan has made it known that it will have a “final assembly” site in Bhutan in the near future.  This is believed to eventually be utilized for the LEAF, which right now is being shipped to Bhutan from Japan.  A final assembly site would allow Nissan to ship LEAF gliders from Japan and likely powertrain components for the LEAF from Sunderland, UK or Barcelona, Spain.

For more on e-NV200, check out this post on its full unveiling in Geneva.

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“Nissan has decided that in order to make the e-NV200 affordable in places like Bhutan, it will build it in India.”

No, India requires that a certain percentage of the vehicle be manufactured in India if it is for sale there. It has little to do with affordability.

Aaron: Manufacturing in India will lower the cost of cars. The salaries are 1/5 of corresponding UK salary. Also the transportation cost will be less to Bhutan. Another factor can be the tax free transfer of Indian goods (i am not 100% sure about cars though)
Also India (as far as i am aware) has no such rule of sales/manufacturing of cars.