Nissan EV Sales In Europe At 3% Of Its Total Sales, Goal of 10% In 2020 Within Reach


Nissan has announced a record for overall car sales in Europe for the past fiscal year 2016 (which ended on March 31, 2017).

Nissan e-NV200

On the electrified side of things, and despite no upgrades of significance, the LEAF and e-NV200 managed to combine to find more than 23,000 sales. That’s new record.

The LEAF improved by 11% year-over-year, while e-NV200 by 19%.

Overall Nissan sales in Europe stood at 756,762 (up 2.6%), which means that EVs had a 3.0% share in overall Nissan sales.

Three percent is relatively good base for the 10% share once forecast for 2020 by Carlos Ghosn.  The new, 2nd generation LEAF which debuts in September, and the two other (yet unnamed) long distance EVs arriving by 2019 should give Nissan a fighting chance at hitting that mark.

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7 responses to "Nissan EV Sales In Europe At 3% Of Its Total Sales, Goal of 10% In 2020 Within Reach"
  1. Someone out there says:

    I’m sure the next gen LEAF will sell way better than gen 1 but it will also face much stronger competition in a growing market. I think it might be too late to grab 10% of the market. If they had released it a year ago and thereby be the only “affordable” 200+ mile car it would have had a much better chance to grab a significant market share. Now when it’s released in September it will be the third in that category.
    In 2020 there will be many more good EVs to compete with making it even more difficult to reach 10%.

    1. Bone says:

      The goal isn’t 10% share of EV market. It’s 10% EV’s of all Nissan sales.

      1. Bob Nan says:

        Yes Bone

        What you said makes sense. Certainly their EV sales should be more than 5% of Europe’s EV sales.

        While Leaf took the initial lead, it was overtaken later by a flood of plugin vehicles that came from other companies.

        But Leaf is in its 7th year and all hopes are now on the 2nd generation model with a much higher range and that could come in another 6-8 months.

        Still their sister product Renault-Zoe is the best seller.

      2. Someone out there says:

        Oh well that is easy. Just stop selling the other cars then.

  2. Joe says:

    I like the blue e-NV200 with the windows and seats. If the next gen gets >200 miles and comes to the US, it’s got my name on it.

  3. Martin Winlow says:

    Ah, yes but when we talk of the ‘EV market’ do we really mean ‘EV’ or is IEVs including hybrids here (again)? Oh, but wait! Nissan don’t do hybrids, do they!…

  4. David Lane says:

    I wish Nissan made the e-NV200 available here in the US. With 3 row seating and at least the 30 kWh battery.