Nissan Enjoys A Third Month Of Strong Sales For the 2013 LEAF; May Is 2nd Best Month Ever

JUN 3 2013 BY JAY COLE 13

Nissan Has Third Consecutive Impressive Sales Month In May

Nissan Has Third Consecutive Impressive Sales Month In May

How times change.

Nissan Worker Assembles 2013 LEAF Battery In Smyrna, TN

Nissan Worker Assembles 2013 LEAF Battery In Smyrna, TN

A year ago, Nissan was languishing under an oppressive yen and the excessive costs of importing the LEAF from Japan for sale into America, which made the LEAF a very difficult proposition to sell to US consumers.

Now with the 2013 version of the Nissan LEAF (with “over 100 improvements”) made in Smyrna, TN, and a subsequent entry level model (S) that comes in more than $6,000 cheaper at $28,800, sales have turned around in a big way.

For May, 2,138 LEAFs were sold, the EV’s second best result of all-time.  May’s result is also a over 300% improvement over 2012, when only 510 LEAFs were sold.

Year to day, the electric Nissan is up to 7,614 units, which is an improvement of 191% over 2012.

Also of interest, sales through May marks the first time since 2011 that the LEAF has outsold the Chevrolet Volt in the calender year.  7,614 vs 7,157

Looking ahead, June also looks to be another strong month for Nissan with the LEAF, as the Smyrna facility once again could not keep up with national demand and dealer inventory on the car actually fell by about 500 units during the month to around 2,000 available cars.

Many dealers that do have some LEAF supply available are also reporting that the S model of the LEAF is selling at a greater rate than Nissan had anticipated, and that those cars are currently the most needed at the dealership level.

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Any breakout on how many base models were sold vs the higher end models?

We’ve kindly asked Nissan several times for that breakout…The automaker has failed to ever provide an answer.

I can tell you the splits they told some dealers in North America to antcipate when booking inventory if that helps:

s – 5%
sv – 35%
sl- 60%

…that being said, that is not what demand has turned out to be

I’d be very interested if you guys can obtain estimates for the 2013 Leaf S sales.

But I will settle with a breakout of total Leaf Sales in California and Oregon going forward.

Not surprising they don’t stock enough Model S. Every time I have purchased a car, finding one with stick, and no AC has been a hassle. Don’t think I could even order one I want now.

I agree, you will have a very difficult time getting a LEAF with a stick 😉

LEAF?! How about a Model S (Tesla) with a stick? 🙂

This is all due to the $6000 price drop. Once the other manufacturers start dropping their prices their sales will pick up too. Hopefully GM and others will start to match Nissan’s move.

Until then the LEAF will be leading the way!

It is also due to the 2013 LEAF being an overall much improved car than the previous model years with one exception, the motor torque. Also people seem to be getting used to the notion and the looks and realize that while driving it, one doesn’t look at it from the outside. 🙂

As a two-month-long Leaf S driver, I strongly agree with the comments here and elsewhere about the $28,800 price being “the” factor. With the $7,500 federal kickback (or the much lower lease pricing), the Leaf went from a boutique car to something much more mainstream in the minds of a lot of consumers. I routinely see Camries and Accords advertised with lease terms much higher than what I’m paying, for example, and that’s without factoring the 10 cents/mile net fuel savings.

The local dealers can’t keep S models in stock, and I had to settle for a color I wasn’t particularly happy with. But giving the oil companies the bird flip every time I plug in the Leaf more than makes up for it.


Once I drove my Leaf, anything with an Internal combustion engine seems like a throwback to the bygone era of clattering Model A flivers. It’s only a matter of time until batteries will surpass the energy density of gasoline.

When I pass loud Harley motorcycles I think: Gosh the Leaf is getting two to three times the equivalent gas mileage and is as quiet as our state-of-the-art provides.

Not surprised at the spike in sales. I know 5 people, including myself, who bought a leaf in the past 2 months. Base model at an incredibly low lease rate.

Aside from free charging at work, my greatest pleasure is when i’m crusing in the carpool lane while a porsche is sitting in traffic. =)