Nissan & Ecotricity Call Upon UK Government For Official Road Signage For Electric Car Charging Points


Nissan and Ecotricity call for official EV charging point signage

Proposed sign

Two companies engaged in EVs in UK – Nissan (who has sold over 11,500 LEAFs) and charging infrastructure provider Ecotricity – called on the government for official EV charging point signage.

Despite more than 9,000 public charging points, there is no official road signage. The need to identify these charging sites is definitely there, yet no signs exist.

As a side note, Nissan provided us with the odd signs to watch out for the very-rare helicopters and tanks on roadways (below right). These are actual signs that do exist on public roadways, yet signage for electric car charging points are rare.

A similar problem remains unsolved in most countries.

Nissan and Ecotricity also proposed a sign.

“Nissan and Ecotricity claim the time is right for the new UK Government to take action and raise awareness of the UK’s EV infrastructure by introducing universal symbols that can be used to designate the different types of EV charging points available on Britain’s roadways, notably standard and rapid chargers.

The campaign will be calling on key influencers in the motoring and sustainability sector to share their views on the UK’s electric vehicle charging network in order to encourage the Department for Transport and Office for Low Emission Vehicles to take action.”

Low-flying helicopters or sudden helicopter noise

Low-flying helicopters or sudden helicopter noise

Speaking at the campaign launch, Jim Wright, Managing Director, Nissan Motor (GB) Ltd, explained:

“At Nissan we believe that all electric driving offers a number of benefits to UK motorists and should be made accessible to all. That is why we have partnered with Ecotricity to call on the new Government to give electric vehicles the prominence they now deserve and introduce official signage for charging points across the UK.”

Ecotricity founder Dale Vince said:

“Both the cars and the infrastructure are in place to support the electric car revolution in Britain – there are Electric Highway pumps at almost every motorway services, while companies like Nissan are developing top quality electric cars.

Slow-moving military vehicles likely to be in or crossing the road

Slow-moving military vehicles likely to be in or crossing the road

“It’s time to introduce charging point road signs in Britain – they’ll provide necessary direction for the thousands of electric car drivers in Britain as well as increasing public awareness that the infrastructure is ready for them to make the move to an electric car.

“Over the past four years, we’ve installed Europe’s most advanced electric car charging network right here in Britain – it has 250 pumps, 20,000 members and over 10 million emission free miles driven since its inception.

“The growth so far in 2015 has been phenomenal – over a million miles driven on the network every month. The argument for road signs could not be stronger.”

Nissan and Ecotricity call for official EV charging point signage

Nissan and Ecotricity call for official EV charging point signage

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Why does Nissan as global company back using different info-graphic icons for each individual country it sells electric vehicles?
Please show some leadership!

As a world-leading design company’s I’d expect Nissan-Renault to be working and creating universal electric vehicle emoji’s that could be adopted by the UN and member countries. The design for an EV charging location needs to be as iconic as the stop sign, handicap (limited abilities) parking sign, airport arrival/departure signage, or other UN approved transportation signage.

Come on “just do it, Nissan”, help create universal icons that last the test of time, unlike the hodgepodge of electrical plugs found globally today. Thanks.

New Kent County vdot has a EV charging sign put you towards a level 1 120volt outlet at the Virginia Rest Area.

The catch is at the next exit there is a level three DC Quick charger that doesn’t have any signs pointing towards you off of the expressway.

It immediately occured to me when seeing the design that many of InsideEVs’s readers might not even recognize the plug graphic… That plug design is used in just very few countries (the UK and Ireland), and therefore does not make a good choice for a graphic.

yes, this is very special plug only used in some countries. Why not make something more generall and force the EU to adapt. Please!

That sign is circular, in the UK info type signs are triangular, circular signs denote restrictions (I think), like speed limits, bus lanes, etc…

We don’t need signs! We need rapid (DC) chargers! Jeesh! MW

I’ve never been to the UK nor have I ever seen a plug with that exact prong layout, but it took near zero effort to figure out what it meant.

As for universal world wide signage, good luck with that. My three years in Europe, where I had an international drivers license showed me how easy it was to adapt to their signage and way of controlling traffic.