The Nissan e-NV200 Zips To 60 MPH in… (video)

NOV 19 2014 BY JAY COLE 8

No, the "Ulta Party Guardians" Edition Was Not Timed (you know Nissan is Japanese right?)

No, the “Ulta Party Guardians” Edition Was Not Timed (you know Nissan is Japanese right?)

Over the years we have published a lot of reports on plug-in car performance results…but never on a van.

Check out Nissan’s all-electric van – the e-NV200, which went on sale this month in Japan as it zips to 60 mph.  Ok, perhaps ‘zips’ isn’t the best adjective, but considering it is a van, the e-NV200 is still fairly peppy.

As a point of reference, the 2015 Nissan LEAF we tested hit 60 mph from zero in 10.4 seconds.

Hat tip to offib!

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seemed under 10 secs to me. I’m also surprised you took 10.4 secs on a 2015 Leaf. Perhaps you had ‘Eco’ on?

Do you have a race track slip to prove it otherwise?

LEAF is at best a 10 sec car in 0-60mph.

Most people who think LEAF is quick only understands 0-30mph and doesn’t understand 0-60mph…

it beats the smart at 22 secs ,so ten is lightning fast!

It should read 0-100 kmh not 0-60 mph

Acceleration seems more than adequate for the purpose.

Surprising how much wasted space there is under the hood, which is obviously the consequence of being a conversion.

And especially when normal vans like the Citroën Berlingo would need 18 seconds to make it to 60. MPH that is.

They need to provide an OPTION for a larger battery pack and start selling it in the USA. Seems like a no-brainer vehicle for the postal service and other local deliver services.

My parents need the NV200 for their small business, but want to wait for the electric version. WHEN IS THIS COMING TO THE U.S.?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!