Nissan e-NV200: Winter Operations With British Gas – Video


British Gas orders 100 Nissan e-NV200

British Gas orders 100 Nissan e-NV200

British Gas, testers of the largest fleet of 28 pre-production Nissan e-NV200 in the UK, recently released together with Nissan a video from the trial.

This time it’s about how well e-NV200 works in winter conditions. According to Steve Cummings, a British Gas engineer, everything works fine, which is what we expect to hear as British Gas already ordered 100 units as part of an effort to electrify 10% of its 13,000-unit fleet.

“British Gas, the UK’s leading energy supplier, operated Nissan’s 100% electric e-NV200 van throughout the winter of 2013 as part of its home-service fleet.”

“Steve Cummings, a British Gas engineer, shares his experience of the e-NV200 and how the innovative van improves daily business operations.”

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Lol @ winter conditions. 😛 The british know nothing about winters and winter conditions =)

Come back with a real test where you at least have to get a showel to even be able to see the car 😉

They may not look like much, but on a per vehicle basis, these little vans (the Nissan as well as the Renault Kangoo ZE) will do far more to reduce CO2 output and improve urban air quality than their equivalent cars (Leaf and Zoe) will.

They tend to replace diesel vehicles, especially in Europe, and are driven in nearly an ideal EV duty cycle with low speeds and frequent starts and stops.

Electric utilities are crazy if they don’t buy these. Low maintenance, nearly free fuel, tax credits. … what is not to like?

Winter conditions hmmm, the screen shot of the satnav says 30.0C!!! – quite balmy conditions for a January day in the English countryside

That’s what he’s set the climate control to. I do that sometimes just to guarantee that it’s putting max power to the heater then turn it down as the cabin warms up.

Uh, I don’t get it. Where is the bit in the video where it discusses anything about winter driving? It just looks like a Nissan ad to me.