Nissan e-NV200 Wins One More Prestigious Award

FEB 3 2015 BY MARK KANE 11

Nissan e-NV200

Nissan e-NV200

Nissan announced that its e-NV200 recently was awarded for the sixth time.

The most recent win is the Best Green Van honor at the Business Van of the Year awards in London.

Not bad, and sales in just one half year in Europe at 2,300 looks promising too.

“The all-electric Nissan e-NV200 today scooped its sixth prestigious industry award in as many months, winning the Best Green Van honour at the Business Van of the Year awards in London.

The pioneering model triumphed at the independent awards after being put through its paces by an outside panel of expert judges, specialising in their own field and in the SME sector.

Their verdict supports that of the wider motoring media, which has bestowed a string of highly regarded awards on the van since its launch in the summer.

In December, the e-NV200 won What Van? magazine’s Green Award. It has also been named Industry Innovation of the Year by GreenFleet, LCV of the Year by Next Green Car and has helped Nissan to the ULEV Manufacturer of the Year title at the Energy Saving Trust’s Fleet Hero awards and the Green Van Manufacturer of the Year title at the Fleet Van Awards.”

Congratulating Nissan, Ralph Morton, Editorial Director at Business Van, stated:

“Going green has never been so easy. The electric e-NV200 is just like the standard NV200 except it costs just two pence per mile to run, has a range in excess of 100 miles, is emission free, and still manages to provide an uncompromising flat load-space floor that takes two Europallets and a 703kg payload.”

“It’s a brilliant achievement and the van to change the perception of the electric van – it’s practical, green, cost effective all in one.”

Barry Beeston, Corporate Sales Director at Nissan Motor (GB), commented:

“The fleet and LCV media has been unanimous in its praise for the e-NV200 and the potential this incredible van has to help fleets simultaneously bring down costs and emissions.”

“I would encourage fleet operators to try the vehicle for themselves to see just how easily and it could help them make a real impact on both their carbon footprint and their bottom line.”

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Do we know the price for one of these, or are they just fleet sales still?

Brian Henderson

eNV200 has been on sale for several months in both Japan and Europe.

For features, specs and pricing on UK eNV200 version mentioned in article, see:


Starts at 33000EUR here in Latvia.


In Germany it starts below the price of the Leaf (<24.000€). As a Family Van with all extras it is a bit over 35.000€. I ordered one as a Taxi.


It can only get better! When the Leaf range gets it’s upgrade, whenever that is, this van should automatically get an upgrade as well since, it basically uses the Leaf drive train and battery!

If they can make enough of them this could get disruptive. Who knows they may face a dilemma of having to decide whether to allocate more of available battery modules to the e-NV200 instead of the Leaf.

Big Solar

When is the Env200 coming here?


I wonder why Nissan don’t emphasize more strongly that this van has QC as standard. This essentially means that during lunch break or even a coffee break for the driver, you can get back (nearly) all the original range. Given the infrastructure, a 250-mile workday is pretty easy to achieve with the eNV-200.

Dana Pearson

We need this in the US! Many small business/contractors/gardeners would love to go green but lack of trucks/vans…arrrg


Looks like an attractive mini-mini-van. May they quickly consider a consumer passenger version.


If it was as affordable as the Leaf, I would totally consider it. The Leaf is slightly too small for my one-car-family needs. Is there any talk of bringing it to the U.S.?

Trevor Larkum

I think this is a great vehicle. Between this and the Renault Kangoo ZE many small businesses and large families could be driving electric.