Nissan e-NV200 Being Tested In US By Portland General Electric


Nissan has teamed with Portland General Electric (PGE) on a “six-week trial to help determine the viability of an electric commercial vehicle in the U.S. market.”

Of course, the vehicle Nissan is referring to is the Nissan e-NV200, Nissan’s second global electric vehicle. PGE has “assigned the e-NV200 into its fleet of vehicles with an underground crew, replacing a larger, diesel-powered van.”

In this way, Portland becomes the “proving ground for Nissan’s prototype electric commercial vehicle,” according to Nissan.

Nissan e-NV200

Nissan e-NV200

Toby Perry, Nissan’s director of EV Marketing in the U.S., stated:

“Oregon has been a top five market for Nissan LEAF sales in the U.S. due to proactive policies at the state level to encourage EV adoption, as well as robust charging infrastructure championed by the state and others like PGE. If we determine that e-NV200 fits into the U.S. commercial vehicle market, we expect that Portland would be a leading driver for sales as well.”

Charlie Allcock, director, business development at PGE, commented:

“EVs have already demonstrated their value as a sustainable choice for personal use, and fleet electrification is the logical next step. We’re excited to see firsthand the impact the e-NV200 can have on our own fleet and to help other companies understand the potential it represents for them.”

Nissan e-NV200 goes on sale this summer in Europe and later this year in Japan.

Nissan e-NV200 Live in Geneva

Nissan e-NV200 Live in Geneva

Nissan adds:

“This year, Nissan is deploying two e-NV200 prototypes with companies such as PGE and FedEx in top U.S. EV markets including California, Georgia, Oregon and Washington, D.C. to determine how businesses could use an all-electric cargo van to meet their day-to-day requirements.”

Turning its attention to the LEAF, Nissan says this of the EV’s popularity in the Portland area:

“Sales of Nissan’s all-electric LEAF are poised to accelerate further in Portland. Portland is one of the first markets to receive Nissan’s “No Charge to Charge” promotion, which provides two years of no-cost public charging to customers who purchase or lease a new Nissan LEAF beginning April 1, 2014.”

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I see the Zenith electric van around the airport here in Orlando often. They are like 100K though…..

Eagerly waiting to see what the US prices are for these. Many fleet managers will look at these and switch – the biggest issue will be charging infrastructure. Spending the money to outfit the fleet yard to have charging stations, electrical transformers, service upgrades, etc. – all necessary to handle large amounts of vehicles charging overnight. And that doesn’t even factor in if they want a few fast chargers to handle mid-day recharging.

if these companies think long term, they will still save a ton of $$$ over a course of say, 5 years. I spent only $2K to setup (2) 50A Clipper Creek chargers in my garage… for our 2 EVs =)

What’s the model number/ name you installed please?
Grampa Dave Connell
Founder: Manitoba Electric Vehicle Association (MEVA)

There may be incentives for infrastructure as well. IL sent me a 50% rebate check, including parts, labor and evse

How difficult would it be to put a pickup truck on top of that platform?

This vehicle will struggle to sell in the USA because it comes with not enough range and not enough power.

Some purists may hate me for saying this, but this would be a more versatile green vehicle if it had a Volt powertrain rather than a Leaf powertrain.

BTW I am aware that Chevrolet will be selling NV200 under their logo, that is why I am wishing they could make a deal for the powertrain, but it will not happen.

Depends if certain fleet vehicles never exceed >60 miles per day

As is being done by VIA TRUXX already.
VOLT extended range technology, but with EV ICE Generator only, not also connected to drive train, as is done in the VOLT. Just like the system used on a Diesel Train Engine, accept this one is Plug in as well.

Electric Car Guest Drive

I would be surprised if the charging infrastructure was more than $1k per vehicle, including installation. Wiring for multiple units cuts the cost down per drop considerably. Other than perhaps one QC for daytime use, you don’t even need very fast chargers for most applications. Even the 20 amp Clipper Creek LCS-25 for example will charge a Leaf within the typical 6 hour super off peak window.

Although the accountant will probably depreciate those over 5 years, their useful live will probably be well over 10, perhaps 20. Even using the lower number, you’re only looking at $8.50 per vehicle per month. Versus gasoline? A no brainer.