Nissan Donates $15,000 CHAdeMO Quick Charger To Hospital In Monterey, California


Monterey Peninsula

Monterey Peninsula

Nissan's $15,000 CHAdeMO Charger

Nissan’s $15,000 CHAdeMO Charger

With little fanfare, Nissan continues to support the rollout of CHAdeMO quick chargers in the US.

A perfect example of Nissan’s continued support is in Monterey, California where the automaker donated a $15,000 CHAdeMO quick charger to the Community Hospital of Monterey Peninsula.

Can you name one other automaker who donates $15,000 chargers?

Aside form the CHAdeMO quick charger, two other dual-head Level 2 chargers were installed at the community hospital.

As the Monterey Herald Reports:

“The five-vehicle facility includes the first “Fast Charger” in Monterey, San Benito and Santa Cruz counties. Donated to the hospital by Nissan North America Inc., makers of the Nissan LEAF electric car, the system delivers a 480-volt, 80 percent charge in less than 30 minutes.”

“The station also includes two smaller dual hookups purchased by the hospital for $7,500, each providing a 220-volt charge which takes from two to four hours.”

According to the Monterey Herald, the stations have been in place for well over a month now (yet Nissan never made a public announcement related to the donated unit).  All of the chargers are free to use for now, but expect a fee to be attached to them in the future.

Finally, Monterey Herald notes that the chargers are seeing a decent amount of use already with a total of 5 to 8 charges occurring per day.

Source: Monterey Herald

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8 Comments on "Nissan Donates $15,000 CHAdeMO Quick Charger To Hospital In Monterey, California"

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This is by far not the only such donation.

I read they also donated the QC at Napa River Inn.


I saw that pop up on the plugshare map. Very cool, but I still cannot reach it from San Jose. Its just out of range.

Now we need a Santa cruz charger to bridge the gap 🙂

Do what I do… take a detour to the Giroy Premium Outlets. Charge for an hour. Then you can make it 🙂

Those poor doctors and surgeons couldn’t afford one on their own.

This is clearly not for the doctors. Doctors work such long hours that they can fully charge their Teslas on L2 in a work day! A QC isn’t even for someone visiting a loved one – a typical visit lasts for hours, not 20-30 minutes.

The QC are probably more for passers by than anyone else. It just looks better on the press release that they donated it to a hospital. Of course, it sounds like their was no press release, so who knows what Nissan is thinking.

I have used this rapid charger three times now. Each time, it was while visiting my family in Pacific Grove. I daisy-chained it with a stop in Gilroy to charge.

Seems really wrong the community hospital is now charging to use the donated charger. Any money should go to their foundation, nothing more.