Nissan Debuts New LEAF And e-NV200 In Europe, Urges Governments To Up EV Support – video

OCT 3 2017 BY MARK KANE 13

At the Nissan Futures event in Oslo, Norway, the company is introducing the all-new LEAF and the upgraded e-NV200 with 40 kWh battery to Europe.

2018 Nissan LEAF

At the same time, Paul Willcox – Nissan’s Chairman of Management Committee for Europe, said that the European governments must do more for EVs, as penalties for diesel is not enough.

He recounts that Nissan has invested $5 billion in EVs, and now expects governments to start to step up too.

A good example of governmental EV support according to Willcox is Norway, where more than a quarter of new passenger car registrations of late are pure electric cars.

One of areas where incentives are needed is businesses (of which might opt to purchase an e-NV200 with the government support).

““It’s time for governments elsewhere to sit up and take notice. We’ve invested $5 billion in electric vehicles and networks and we believe now it’s time for governments to take action.

“Lots of countries are introducing penalties for polluting cars, but not enough is being done to solve the root of the pollution problem: businesses. There has been a huge increase in the number of vans on roads in the UK. It’s an area we can make a huge difference in.

“We’ve gone further and further in developing the electric van with the new e-NV200. We believe governments need to step up and think electric to give incentives to van drivers and businesses to go green. Ten percent of all CO2 pollution comes from vans, and within 10 years we could turn every mile of van deliveries in our cities into a green mile.””

Also:  Check out Nissan’s latest spot with Margot Robbie

2018 Nissan LEAF

Margot Robbie presents 2018 Nissan LEAF and e-NV200

Margot Robbie takes the wheel for new Nissan LEAF

source: Autocar, hat tip to Adrian W

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The problem in Europe is that ESA (EFTA Surveillance Authority) is now asking Norway to quit the EV incentives. Nissan will have some work to do in the EU Parliament.

Not all of them, only the sales tax exemption.
– But a sudden 1.Jan 2018 25% price increase on all EV’s certainly will affect EV sales numbers.

Sales would drop, that is for sure.
I’m going to buy an EV soon, and stop using the company EVs. Price is important.
I have to calculate how much fuel I can buy for the price difference. I have a large diesel passenger van too, and I only fill up every second month. Maintenance is easy, and I do it my self. Oil change, and filters once a year (could probably do it every second year), some brake pads every forth year. . Cost of parts is small.
I need a small car, handy in the city. E NV200 could be an alternative, or a smaller model. But small ICE cars are less extreme in price, then a normal ICE. So the difference between a 25% more expensive EV, that is already more expensive then a similar size ICE car to begin with . . It does not sweeten the deal.
EVs need all the help they can get for at least 4-5 years.

As has been since its intro, if the ENV-200 were available for purchase in the USA, I would buy one today.

me tooo,

Mee Three, yesterday!

As far as I’m concerned, there’s no acceptable excuse from Nissan–Carlos G.–not to bring the upgraded eNV200 to North America.
Let some of those train loads of ICE profits subsidize re-tooling their plants in Mexico, or better yet, Tennessee.
If that’s too expensive, up production and ship them from Spain.
I want one, dammit, when it comes time to replace my gasser.

The eNV-200 is not in the US since unlike the Leaf, it is produced only in Spain along with its ICE counterpart NV-200.

The NV200 ICE is built in North America in Morelos, Mexico.

Nissan could make the eNV200 appear in the states if they were motivated to do so.
Or truly committed to EVs.

See how ,Nix,Ready,ffyd are not commenting on this because it’s not tesla or they would mention tesla when The article don’t even mention tesla. Push, spark ev, FFE are the moderates on this blog. I respect them the most


Are you looking at the wrong article? They’ve not even posted here.

Woohoo! I’m the first one to post! 🙂

I’m not moderate. I’m extreme SparkEV. After all, it is the best EV the world has ever seen: quickest charging in C rate, most efficient at constant speed, quickest accelerating car under $20K EV or otherwise. Of course, these are just facts, not really being extreme.

eNV is rated to tow 430 kg (about 1000 lb). The RV being towed in the commercial probably weighs 10 times that. Wouldn’t that void the warranty, and false advertising?