This Nissan Dealership In Colorado Knows How To Sell LEAFs


It involves a bit of preperation

Traditional car dealerships appear to have some shortcomings when it comes to selling electric vehicles. It’s almost like they are trying to kill electric cars. Bring up the topic on an EV Forum and you’re likely to be deluged in bad-experience anecdotes: the dealer didn’t have any EVs in stock; the battery was too low to take for a test drive; the salesperson wouldn’t stop pushing the customer towards a gas-powered car. The list of sins is endless. But, as one particular dealership demonstrates, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Boulder Nissan, located in Boulder, Colorado is demonstrating that when you take the right approach, a traditional dealer can actually have a lot of success sending customers home in a sweet battery-powered ride. Almost half of its total 837 new-vehicle sales in 2017 were of the Nissan LEAF. This year could bring a similar result with 224 electric examples moved so far.

This success did not come overnight. The store began preparing for this future back in 2011, before the LEAF was even available in The Centennial State. According to Automotive News, the store has taken an “EV-centric” approach and includes a number of measures.

First off, while many dealers have an “EV expert” to handle plug-in sales, all salespeople at Boulder Nissan are LEAF specialists and can tell you about the features of the car, what incentives are available to buyers, and whether or not it will be a good match for a customer.

The store itself is EV-friendly. It boasts five charging stations and derives at least some of the energy for the store from a solar array on its roof, along with other environmentally-friendly touches. The dealership has also partnered with local agencies, such as Boulder County’s sustainability office. In that case, they got extra advertising from the office and, offering extra incentives for county employees, had to bring in extra vehicles from outside the state to meet the increased demand. Win win!

These are all relatively easy things any dealership could do. All it takes is for management to realize the future is electric and start properly preparing for that eventuality. The effort at Boulder Nissan is creating happy customers who are now returning to the store to buy their next LEAF.

Source: Automotive News

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Nissan should give them a medal. Selling more than a leaf per day in a single dealer is really impressive. If each Nissan dealership sold half of that leaf would be the best selling car in the world :).

I could not have said it better myself. This dealership definitely could teach a number of things to the dealership here in Central Virginia. 5 chargers!? That is unheard of, especially with some of them utilizing solar power. This article was well-written and your response was well put.

Might have something to do with the fact that Colorado has a $5,000 rebate for EVs!

It’s Boulder. like tree-hugger central.

Sounds like a nice place.

It is overall.
Like anywhere, it has issues.

It’s an impressive feat to sell that many LEAFs in 2017. The 2018 LEAF with improved looks, range and Pro-Pilot features should sell even better.

Would Insideevs be willing to do a follow up article on after sales service?

Don’t be naive. It’s not the looks or range that is the primary driver for Leaf sales…it’s discounts. The numbers so far this year fully reflect that. Very very weak discounts off msrp this year compare to previous Leaf and to ice models.

even if the discounts came storming back, I’m one post-leaf-owner who won’t ever give Nissan another dime. f’ing crooks is what they are. wouldn’t buy a leaf with someone else’s money.

I would….but not with the games the dealers and Nissan play. For example, if you want to take advantage of the SCE rebate of $3000 you give up the 0% financing. They suck people in with the rebate and msrp looks lower upfront but in the end you pay $2000-$3000 more. people less math savvy fall for this crap all the time. Truly disgusting!

Good luck getting a discount on a Leaf sold in Europe.

That’s on another planet….don’t care.

Shoutout to Campus Nissan in Victoria, BC, Canada that has done the same thing. They sell about 30-45 Leafs a month now (many of them used imports from the US).
We also have an independent dealership here that sells only EVs.

I bought my 2013 Leaf from Emir at Campus Nissan almost two months ago. My only regret is waiting so long to buy one.

Campus Nissan sells so many used Leafs that they aren’t able to keep their web site up to date. Stop by the dealership instead. I’m glad I did.

That’s why I don’t drive electric. The used prices for electrics are insane in and around Victoria. You can get a 2016 SL for 17 grand in Ontario. 27 grand in BC. That’s a lot more than the usual 10 percent higher prices you’d expect for a used car in BC. I had a conversation with someone on a used website, he wanted 27 grand for a used electric Leaf, and it was already 3 years old (nobody noticed we are at 2019 for Nissan leaf model years?). They’re just a horrible deal right now. Get a used Hyundai or Honda for 15-17 thousand, only one year old, not 3 years. I’m hoping the high volume of the Model 3 brings used prices back in line and I can buy an electric car, as I usually buy a car 1-3 years old.

And yet we have way more electric cars per capita than almost anywhere else.

Used prices are up because demand is so high. Hard to even find vehicles to bring in. 2 years ago I bought a 2013 Leaf for $16k. Now the same model and year is being advertised for $18-$19k.

> You can get a 2016 SL for 17 grand in Ontario.

Not anymore you can’t (or soon won’t be). $14k provincial incentive had a lot to do with that.

Is that 17 grand in Ontario after the now non-existent provincial rebate? I’ve been looking around at used Leaf and Volt prices across Canada and haven’t seen anything nearly that cheap!

You got it. The difference is entirely explained by the rebate. Alistair mentioned a $10k difference, and Ontario had a $14k EV rebate vs $5k in BC.

We need to get all the Nissan dealers on this program I wanted to test drive the 2018 leaf at my local Nissan and it’s always discharged yet they never plug it in since the space is covered by the serviced vehicles and the chademo connector has been broken for 2 years…
good thing I got a Volt

So they sold about 400 last year and 220 YTD Q3.

Looks like sales are tanking in 2018!

Campus Nissan in Victoria BC could take notes.

Huh? They sell about that many too, if not more

I bought a leaf from boulder nissan and they were amazing. They deserve the recognition.

EA stations on i80 in Pennsylvania are now open. Now it open some possible cars to buy. i3 still in my list but now opens our Leaf and FFE

Bwahaha. This is when we had $10000 rebates to move the remaining 2017 model Leafs. I had to then purchase Leafs from northern Cali all the way up to Washington. It was a no brainer to sell a new Leaf with $10,000 fleet rebate + up to $7500 federal tax credit plus any state rebates. It’s a little tougher this year with Tesla killing it on style points & range.

The price has to come down. After rebates, you still pay 10000 more, plus a new battery in a few years, probably 5000 dollars or more. Zero emissions?? Half our electricity comes from coal. So until that price drops way down…there’s no incentive to go electric.

Half of “Who’s” Electricity? Colorado? Or Washington? Certainly not B.C. or Quebec! Not even Ontario, now!

This is the perspective of an individual with a myopic focus on purchase price and not a perspective on the overall costs and benefits of ownership. Fortunately, there are lease agreements available for such people, as well as phevs. The grapes aren’t so sour.

I’m on pv, fool! talk for yourself.

Go back to Breitbart fool.

selling leafs in Boulder is NOT hard.
In fact, if Tesla was there, I suspect that nissan WOULD have a difficult time.

Tesla’s not in Boulder, wtf?

I have a 2011 Leaf and would not recommend any Nissan EV to anyone. Range is down to 40 mi per charge and it’ll cost a fortune to replace batteries to restore range. At the 5 year warranty expiration, there was just enough capacity for the local dealer to tell me the batteries were where they were supposed to be (8 bars or more, I was at 8). The latest iteration has better range but 5 years from now, I’m sure it’ll be half of the original range and you’ll be in a similar situation. You’ll be on your own, don’t expect Nissan to be there to help. Pony up big $ to replace batteries or watch that range drop each month until 0.

battery warranty is 8 years to ~66% SOH now.

But yeah, the first batches of Leafs weren’t all that great, and jury’s still out on the 2015-2018s for that matter.

Part of me hopes that used prices tank even further for that exact reason – allowing me to buy one for cheap, and chop it and turn it into a tiny pickup truck. 😛

“It involves a bit of preperation”…so does writing!

So that single dealership sold some 3.5% of *all* Leafs sold in the US in 2017…

With $5K state incentives, it is shocking that CO doesn’t have 30% of the US LEAF sales…

2018 leafs are experiencing battery cell failures.

Any source or are you just a FUDDER?

No need for sources anymore….we make up stuff as we go along.

2018 leafs are experiencing battery failures.

Care to share any documentation for your “2018 Leafs” “battery failures” claim?
Or, are you trying to keep that information secret, and to your FUDster self?

Props to Nigel who was their LEAF EVangelist in the early days. Great guy from being knowledgeable about the LEAF to making sure the CHAdeMO was un-ICED. All EVs were welcome at Boulder Nissan and other types were met warmly by folks eager to learn more about other options out there, unlike the “only cars bought here” we see at most stealerships now.

Boulder is a very expensive and wealthy town, getting its citizens to buy a Leaf over a hybrid BMW is likely not easy. The people at Boulder Nissan are great and support many of the sustainability groups and committees throughout the state.