Nissan Cuts LEAF Price In Europe By €3,000 ($4,000 USD)

JAN 24 2013 BY JAY COLE 5

The price reductions just keep coming for Nissan’s LEAF around the world.  Today, the Japanese automaker announced that their electric car would be reduced by  €3,000 ($4,000 USD) throughout Europe.

Nissan says the move is  “part of a global effort to make the LEAF more affordable in the pioneering electric vehicle’s three main markets of Japan, Europe and the United States.”]

Nissan LEAF Gets €3,000 Price Cut To SPur Sales Across Europe

Also this week, Nissan reduced the cost of the LEAF in its home market (Japan) by 280,000 JPY, or $3,100 USD.  While earlier still in the US, the entry level 2013 S model LEAF was priced starting from $28,800, and available on a $199/month lease.

Taking into consideration for government subsidies and grants, the LEAF starts now at €25,990 ($34,600 USD) in France, and £23,490 ($37,200 USD) in the U.K.

Additionally, InsideEVs has learned that there is a new leasing program in the UK, with the base LEAF available from £239 per month ($379 USD).

Paul Willcox, senior vice president of Nissan Europe, delivered the official PR ‘talking head’ speech on the price changes:

“There is no doubt that Nissan LEAF is a revolution and existing customers are passionate in their belief that zero-emission mobility is not the future, but is here now.

Nissan’s objective for LEAF has always been to bring zero-emission mobility within reach of the mass-market. Our price reduction underlines that commitment and with no price premium even more motorists will become believers.”

While domestic LEAF battery production for Europe has already started at the Sunderland, UK plant, Nissan indicates that full assembly of the new 2013 LEAF will begin in the spring.  New pricing is also expect at that time.

Bringing With It More Than 350 Jobs, LEAF Production Is Scheduled To Start In The Spring In The UK

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Interesting to see the price lower in the other markets after the US announcement. If I remember correctly, they had already lowered the Japan price in their Dec announcement.

Any chance they double dip on the US pricing before it hits dealer lots? By the reaction they got from the announced pricing, there is probably no need right?

I dont think you will see another US price cut, maybe just a regular car discount when the next years model comes out

Any of this due to the BoJ (Bank of Japan) doing QE there and devaluing the Yen a bit lately? Their cost to export has dropped, so all their cars probably have the ability to have prices lowered.

I guess the Nissan Leaf is my next car. When the new models show up in Canada this fall.

There’s suppose to arrive in Canada sooner than that. Hopefully by April.