Nissan Confirms New LEAF Nismo Concept For Tokyo Debut


Nissan has confirmed that it will show off a new Nismo concept based on the 2018 LEAF at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show.

Turns out that previous reports suggesting a hot Nismo new LEAF were accurate, as the automaker is now displaying images of the Nismo LEAF at an event in Europe.

Word of the Nismo LEAF first came to us via LEAF design chief Alfonso Albaisa. He stated that a “racier version” with NISMO bits was perhaps part of the future plans for the world’s #1 selling electric car..

Quoting Albaisa:

“The previous Leaf’s design wasn’t popular with the majority of people, so its look couldn’t contribute to sales. The new car is lower, wider and sportier, with the point of this design being to get greater accessibility of the market.”

We still don’t have any specs on the Nismo LEAF, but those should come soon enough with the Tokyo Motor Show opening to the media on October 25.

We suspect that the Nismo version will feature improved suspension, handling and perhaps a bit more oomph, but on the battery capacity side nobody knows yet if the bigger (60kWh) battery will be found within, or if the Nismo LEAF Concept will be stuck with the smaller pack found in the current 2018 LEAF.

The last-generation Nissan LEAF had a short-lived NISMO version offered in Japan. It was never offered stateside, but fingers crossed that changes this time around.

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Dual Motor like the Zoe w/a 60 kWh battery = WIN !

Great news, pity it’s just a concept! But since it is, I think it makes no sense not to use the 60 kWh pack. After all that would give NISMO a 50% bigger power envelope to play with.

It’ll be really interesting to watch pricing as sportier EVs begin to emerge from now makers. The price premium of performance ought to be significantly smaller than equivalent power differences in fossil cars – because of the much simpler transmission and the relatively low cost of more powerful motors and inverters.

If you ask me, I’d say the 40 kWh pack will only exist as long as they have to use the AESC cells. After that they will drop it and switch to the LG cells for the 60 kWh pack for all cars. I’m not even sure if the smaller pack is even noticeably cheaper, since it uses the same amount of cells.

So the NISMO will definitely use the LG cells and if the throw in another 150 hp motor, it could be a really fun car.

AWD, 220+ hp, 0-60 in less than 6 sec and I’ll take it. Otherwise, why bother when I can get a WRX for cheaper money?

WRX is a crappy gasser ⛽️

@TokyoMotor Show Nissan is going to present not only Leaf2+ but also we will see E-SUV from Nissan as direct answer to Tesla’s upoming ModelY. Cant wait to See this Ev-SUV (probably as a result of the coop between Nissan and Mitsubishi (they have alreAdy pług in SUV on the market))