Nissan Delivers 25 LEAFs To Chile’s Largest Utility – Enel


Nissan Chile has delivered a fleet of 25 LEAFs that will be used in Santiago by Enel, the country’s largest electricity group.

Nissan and ENEL team up to transform electric vehicles into mobile energy sources

Enel is also major V2G partner to Nissan in Europe.

The utility offered its employees a subsidy for the purchase of an electric car, and it looks like 25 lucky people will now be part of the largest EV research project in Chile.

“Nissan Chile delivered a fleet of 25 LEAF electric vehicles to employees of Enel, Chile’s largest electricity group in terms of installed capacity. The initiative is part of the first electric vehicle sales program exclusively for fleet customers in Chile.”

“As part of its sustainability policy, Enel offered its employees a subsidy for the purchase of an electric car. Following a raffle, 25 of its employees selected a Nissan LEAF.”

Nicola Cotugno, general manager of Enel Chile said:

“Today we celebrate a very important milestone for Enel, which will mark a before and after in the massification of electric mobility in Chile. Through our workers, we will put electric cars in circulation in the streets of Santiago. This delivery confirms that electric mobility is viable and attractive in price compared to conventional cars. Besides, we take a very important step in the real contribution to the decontamination of our city.”

Santiago Castro, CEO of Nissan Chile said:

“We are happy to bring to Chile the best-selling electric car in the world. Nissan LEAF is now available in the country exclusively for fleet customers. In the case of Enel, we share the vision and internal culture of using technology for the environment. We are pleased with the interest of its partners in being pioneers in Chile, in the same way that Nissan was when we launched the first electric vehicle of mass use in 2010. “

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It looks like it’s nice and cool in Chile so the battery capacity loses in HEAT should not be an issue as they are in many warm climates. In fact they may need the cold weather heaters.

QUOTE=summer average temperature can climb to 16.5 °C (62 °F), while during winter the temperature can drop below 7 °C (45 °F)

Heat is a none issue with the new battery chemistry. I live in Phoenix charge during the day on the top of a parking garage every day. I’ve had the new battery for over 2 years and 36000 miles with ZERO capacity loss.

That’s not my experience! My almost 3 year old 2015 with 40K miles has lost 2 bars and the best full charge is 17kWhr. I live in the Palm Springs area.

The lizard battery is not better than the previous one on my 2013 Leaf.

Does anyone know whether there’s also private-market Leaf sales in Chile?

South America is basically off the map at the EV sales blog, thus far.