Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn Wants To Be Remembered As The Main Pioneer Of EVs (Video)

OCT 17 2012 BY STAFF 2

BBC World News is currently running an eight part series where top executives from around the world come together and interview each other about their companies and how they see the future.

In this episode, Nissan’s CEO Carlos Ghosn and Vineet Nayar, who runs the massive IT and Software company HCL Technologies, sit down for a interesting 25 minute chat/interview of each other.

Besides an informative look back at the history of Nissan Motors and its early troubles, in the video Mr. Ghosn outlines how he wants to rectify the car industry’s negative contribution to climate change through the Nissan-Renault Alliance’s massive investment in the electric vehicle segment.

Asked about his legacy by Mr. Nayar, Mr Ghosn said:

“If people remember me, it will be as the man who turned around Nissan, a company undoubtedly going into bankruptcy in 1999, and hopefully as the main pioneer of mass market zero emission cars.”


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It’s the Volt which will go down in history as the founding member of the plug-in segment of the car market; the LEAF will be a footnote. In fact, if the Volt did not exist, neither would the LEAF by now, for it is the LEAF which is riding the Volt’s coattails – the mounting sales numbers for the Volt are drawing attention to electrics in general, and the LEAF benefits from this.


Dont forget Tesla in the future history lessons