Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn Says Automaker Is Working On Very Low-Priced Electric Cars For China


Carlos Ghosn (the CEO of Nissan and Renault) as always, was available for the media to answer questions from the 2016 Auto China motor show – of which Bloomberg news took advantage of the opportunity.

Venucia e30 (aka Nissan LEAF)

Venucia e30 (aka Nissan LEAF)

In second part of the interwiew, Bloomberg asked about EV sales in China (see video fom 4:25 in Bloomberg link).

Ghosn responded that the majority of electric car sales (we understand BEVs) in China are low price, low spec models, while Nissan has been involved in higher priced, higher spec cars like the LEAF – and those type of cars still need to take off.

The Nissan answer will be a continuation of lowering the costs, while improving existing cars like LEAF, but at the same time – together with JV partner Dongfeng – they will soon introduced a low cost electric model too.

The second topic of interest (as it relates to plug-ins) was about an investment in electric car revolution. Ghosn stated that he sees it as a normal evolution, and investments will be shared with some degree of consolidation between the companies in the segment to stay competitive overall. The CEO also notes that there is no way, other than electrification, in the future to continue to build cars due tightening emission requirements.

source: Bloomberg, TransportEvolved

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Half the price of the Twizy… It would be popular.

That’s great, get the volumes up to get the prices down.

Isn’t that what Elon Musk said?? in the very beginning????

He said it, Nissan did it, Tesla (as much as I love them) are still a good 2 years from actually being there in the mass produced smaller car market.
You can’t really fault their efforts so far, they have basically proven that mass produced small EV’s are doable and not just in theory, they have actually produced and sold them in siginificant numbers.
The big question for Nissan is can their next generation of models keep their momentum up, especially in the face of a bunch of new players coming to market.

The Leaf is a low end Versa already with an EV driveline; the only expensive component in a Leaf is the batteries. Perhaps Nissan is going to build tricycles for China.

The Nissan Leaf has NOTHING in common with the Versa. Before the Leaf was made in concept form a Versa was used as a test mule – but thats where the Versa and Leaf ends any similarity.

That’s an ignorant comment. The LEAF and Versa are on different platforms; the LEAF is on its own platform, is considerably larger than the Versa and shares no significant parts. The LAD should try actually driving a LEAF; he may be surprised.

Imagine a Tata Nano plus batteries. 2 removable air-cooled 4 kwh batteries, which you can take upstairs and recharge in your apartment.