Nissan Celebrates LEAF 3rd Birthday With “Like” Balloons


Nissan LEAF Turns 3

Nissan LEAF Turns 3

It’s hard to believe that the Nissan LEAF has been available in the US for 3 whole years now, isn’t it?

As Nissan’s LEAF Facebook page says:

“This week, we’re celebrating the Nissan LEAF’s 3rd Birthday!”

How do you celebrate an EVs birthday on the Internet?  By Facebook “Likes,” of course.

Nissan says that for every “Like” the LEAF birthday post gets, it’ll add a balloon to the image of the birthday LEAF.

Here’s that celebratory image:

LEAF Birthday Party

LEAF Birthday Party

Wanna celebrate the LEAF’s 3rd birthday?  Submit your “Like” below so that a balloon will represent you.


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Are those balloons filled with hydrogen? Oh wait.. I was thinking of Toyota.

Happy Birthday Leaf!!

The Leaf has come a long way, from selling 19 units in December 2010, to 2003 in Nov 2013.

Nissan sold 24,604 Altimas in Nov 2013
Nissan sold 8,327 Versas in Nov 2013
Nissan sold 3,446 Jukes in Nov 2013
I suspect internally they are not impressed with 2003 LEAFs in Nov 2013
(same of course by Ford and GM for their cars)


The reason Nissan keeps selling 2,000 LEAFs per month is because that is what their production is limited to. They have already announced they are increasing production and consumer demand is growing. Although Nissan overestimated sales growth, they are about to sell their 100,000th LEAF, which makes it the best selling EV by quite a lot. Demand for the GM Volt has been flat, but the Ford Enrgi products are doing great in their first year.

EV sales are pretty robust, considering how new the market is.

Nissan also only sold 444 370Z’s and 95 GT-R’s in Nov.

When you compare the sales of the LEAF to the other pure EVs out there you see why Nissan is so proud of the LEAF.

Nissan LEAF: 2003
Tesla: ???
Honda Fit EV: 23
Smart ED: 153
Mitsubishi i-MiEV: 12
Toyota RAV4 EV: 6
Chevrolet Spark EV : 87
Ford Focus Electric: 130

And those are just the USA sales numbers. 12% of all cars sold in Norway last Nov were electric, in no small part due to the Nissan LEAF

Happy Birthday LEAF, at 87,000 plus sold – you’re the World’s Best Selling Electric Car!!!!

How let’s get the range up to 150-200 mile for 2015!!!

A less fugly styling refresh, would be nice…