Nissan Celebrates 2 LEAF Milestones In One Video


Steve Marsh's Nissan LEAF Passes 100,000 Miles

Steve Marsh’s Nissan LEAF Passes 100,000 Miles

In promoting its Nissan LEAF “Real Owners, Real Answers” portal, Nissan released this video celebrating two LEAF milestones: first U.S. LEAF with 100,000 miles and 100,000 LEAFs sold worldwide.

Neither milestone is new, as both were achieved near the start of 2014, but we suspect that the majority of the non-EV following world still is clueless when it comes to these remarkable achievements.

Let’s inform those non-followers by sharing this video in which 2 milestones are achieved.

For background on both milestone, refer to our previous articles linked below:

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Hahah.. I was hoping I could see how many battery bars he had left on his dash, but they were careful not to show that.

I think he had all of his bars and lost the first one shortly after hitting 100,000 miles.

Im with you.
The fact that they don’t show the bars is a bit suspicious…

What is fascinating about this video is that the owner of the 100K LEAF, really drove a black 2012 SV vs. a blue SL that the video may suggest he is driving. You can also spot it by the fact that SL comes in black interior only and Steve is sitting in the beige SV interior. Details, Details, Details.

I think this is HUGELY important. The fact that both the Leaf and the Model S have had cars hit 100K shows that EVs can go the distance in real world usage. Despite accelerated aging test techniques (basically putting batteries in ovens AFAIK), we really did not have hard real world data on these modern Li-Ion based EVs until now. And they are lasting as predicted (except for that high-temp area problem with the original Leaf chemistry).

So when people ask “But how soon do you have to replace the batteries on that EV?!”, we can now respond that “There are Nissan and Tesla EVs out there with over 100K miles that are still running on their original battery packs.”

Old news … from 9 months ago in Dec 2013 when Nissan only had 40,000 LEAFs on US roads.

Today Nissan has ~60,000 LEAFs on US roads (expect confirmation with Aug sales report),and
Steve has driven over 120,000 miles in LEAFs. The milestone keep passing by as EV drive-on to a fully-charge future. πŸ˜‰