New Ad Spot: Nissan Breaks The Ice In Europe With The New 30 kWh LEAF?

FEB 16 2016 BY MARK KANE 25

Nissan breaks the ice as new Nissan LEAF 30 kWh hits showrooms

Nissan breaks the ice as new Nissan LEAF 30 kWh hits showrooms

Nissan is promoting the arrival of the 30 kWh version of the LEAF into Europe with new video as spot (full video below), demonstrating the remote defrost feature.

The Japanese EV was frozen in Norefjell, Norway, but was able to reveal itself through the winter conditions.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Nissan didn’t provide how much time it took to thaw, or how energy/range it consumed.  Really, they didn’t promote a heck of a lot in this piece.  Nice scenery though.

Nissan’s statement around the advertisement:

“As the new Nissan LEAF 30 kWh goes on sale across Europe – with improved range and enhanced features – Nissan has released a stunning short film revealing the car from a sheath of ice in breathtaking Norefjell, Norway.

Europe’s best-selling electric vehicle now delivers up to 250 km* of driving range on a single charge, 26 percent further than before, and comes with the latest evolution of the NissanConnect EV infotainment system on Acenta and Tekna trims. This includes improvements to the remote defrost feature, superior functionality and greater connectivity.

Nissan breaks the ice as new Nissan LEAF 30 kWh hits showrooms

Nissan breaks the ice as new Nissan LEAF 30 kWh hits showrooms

The film begins with a silhouette of the LEAF cocooned in ice, set against the breathtaking Scandes Mountains. At 65mm thick, the ice proceeds to melt away, gradually revealing the new Nissan LEAF 30 kWh in all its glory.”

“The Nissan LEAF was frozen into its icy blanket by Norwegian ice specialist, MR. ICEMAN AS. Mr Jack Stensland, CEO, said: “I have never frozen an electric car before, but it sounded like an interesting challenge, and I think the end result is stunning.”

The film also highlights the reliability and durability of the new Nissan LEAF 30 kWh, which undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it is capable of withstanding even the most challenging driving conditions. For customers in truly testing conditions like those in Norefjell, Nissan also offers a specially engineered Nordic Pack which includes a battery heater to counter the effects of the extreme low temperatures.

The New Nissan LEAF 30kWh goes 26 percent further than the previous model, thanks to Nissan’s innovative 30 kWh battery technology, beating all of its competitors within the segment, without compromising on practicality or usability.”

Nissan breaks the ice as new Nissan LEAF 30 kWh hits showrooms

Nissan breaks the ice as new Nissan LEAF 30 kWh hits showrooms

Nissan breaks the ice as new Nissan LEAF 30 kWh hits showrooms

Nissan breaks the ice as new Nissan LEAF 30 kWh hits showrooms

Nissan breaks the ice as new Nissan LEAF 30 kWh hits showrooms

Nissan breaks the ice as new Nissan LEAF 30 kWh hits showrooms

Hat tip to Adrian!

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Funny thing… That little time-lapse between when he launches the app and when he can turn on the climate controls: totally accurate! :oP The new Nissan Connect app is about 8 steps back from the previous version. What a SNAFU


I wonder how much battery that Nordic option uses up.. Regardless, the 30k battery would never work for me & many others 0ut there..& that tired Body style has got to G0 .. The IDS Prototype Tamed down a bit, with 90k + battery would be Ideal!…I wonder if they understand that at Nissan…*%^&*$#$@#$%^!~!!))(*&


Unless one drives over 200 miles most days, a 90+ kWh battery pack would result in a less efficient car due to the heavy weight of such a large battery pack. Charge densities are slowly increasing, so some day a 90+ kWh battery pack might be small and light enough to drag around everywhere, but not today.


I think they do understand that. What they also understand is that there’s no way in hell that a 90kwh battery can be put into a $38,000 car, a fact that will continue to be true for another 5 years at least. And I think you ought to know better.


OnStar RemoteLink has had similar issues. But hey, autonomous connected cars are the future, right? 😉


It’s great… but where’s the hugging polar bear to scrape the ice when needed? 😉

Seriously, why isn’t Nissan advertising the Leaf in the US more assertively?


The video shows how bad thermal insolation the cabin has.


Rather misleading; showing a parked and frozen Leaf heating itself up without being plugged in. Sure, you can do it; but who would want to take that big a hit to its range? That’s neither normal operation, nor recommended.


You failed marketing 101.




I drive a smart fortwo ev with a comparatively paltry 17kWh battery. I’d appreciate such a feature all the same. On the days where I have to report for duty at our other location and don’t have access to at work charging, I can’t preheat my car when it’s just sat in the parking lot. Last week, having to dig the thing out at work in the middle of a blizzard in order to get inside and start it warming up… yeah. I’d have sacrificed huge amounts of range when all I need to get home is 7 miles. I definitely envy my wife’s 2016 Volt and other vehicles like the Leaf that let you turn on the preheat whether the car is plugged in or not.


Good ad.
Go little Leaf go!


I would still not buy the leaf. If they are available on good leasing term yes. But not buying. They will be forced to a major upgrade in short order of time, so why water money?

With the time-lapse you can see it goes from ‘full sun’ to afternoon conditions. However, that can be about 30 minutes in a Norwegian winter! My i-MiEV can melt 2″ of snow off the windshield during a 30 minute remote preheat, but only if plugged in at high SOC. Ironically, since it’s an old-school radio remote (no smartphone) it only takes three button presses and works EVery time!


I do miss the i-MiEV’s remote control with my LEAF S. Quirky and very Japanese, the remote control did exactly what it needed to and nothing more.


Trying to throw cold water on the idea that it can’t cope with frigid weather. I give this ad the cold shoulder.


You better do that once per day. If you leave the LEAF iced over for few days, Nissan will void your battery warranty…


The Leaf completely covered with ice is probably the most attractive version of that vehicle, I’ve ever seen! 😉

Stephen Hodges

…. and as you drive off…. the “Low battery warning” comes on ;-}


At least they are trying. Seen any Volt TV ads lately? Anyone? I’ll wait here..

Rick Bronson

Leaf has sold more than 2,500 units in Japan in Jan-2016 which is very high for that’s country’s market.

Hope they repeat this in USA in coming months.


This reminds me of an ultra fast windscreen defrost that would be possible with the high electric power available in an ev. Instead of sending a couple hundred watts in the micro imbedded window wires for heating the window, we could send 40 KW and have the job done in mere seconds. No long waiting anymore including on unplanned departures.

Mister G

My 2016 Leaf SV has 603 miles so far, and it consistently displays 115-123 miles of range on ECO when fully charged and 109-113 miles of range when in D mode. No complaints here.


Guess-o-Meter isn’t a very good indicator of actual range.

Mister G

Correct because of driving conditions, driving style, temperature controls, passenger weight all factor into guess ometer.