Nissan and BMW Steal The Show At South Korea’s First-Ever EV Expo – Hyundai A No Show


South Korea first-ever International Electric Vehicle Expo had one notable absentee.

BMW i3 - 2014 Geneva Motor Show

BMW i3 – 2014 Geneva Motor Show

You see, a fuel-cell vehicle is not acceptable to put on display at an EV expo, so South Korean automaker Hyundai was forced to skip out on its local EV expo.

Instead, BMW and Nissan we’re the claimed show stoppers, with BMW showing off its i3 and Nissan displaying the LEAF.

Hyundai is readying an EV, but that won’t launch until sometime in 2016.  For now, Hyundai has only its Tuscon FCEV.

The problem for Hyundai is that South Korea is now pushing for the adoption of electric vehicles.  This means that foreign automakers such as BMW, Nissan and others are racing to launch EVs there.  Meanwhile, Hyundai has to sit back and watch as it has nothing to offer.

Kim Pill Soo, a professor of automotive engineering at South Korea’s Daelim College, stated:

“Hyundai has always been somewhat hesitant in developing eco-friendly cars.  For the next two or three years, Hyundai will have no choice but to just sit tight and watch its competitors have a party.”

When you’re two of three years behind, the result is usually game over in that segment.

Source: Bloomberg

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8 Comments on "Nissan and BMW Steal The Show At South Korea’s First-Ever EV Expo – Hyundai A No Show"

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What about the Kia Soul EV? And you’d think the Spark EV should be there since it is built in S. Korea, right?

And your opinion of atheistic beauty is relevant how?

Kia is not technically Hyundai. They operate much like Renault-Nissan. They aren’t one automaker, but two. Hyundai holds something like 40% stake in Kia.

I must agree with David on the Kia and Spark. I don’t get why they weren’t at the show? I know Hyundai was absent, but what about Kia, why aren’t they there? Is the Soul EV not going to be sold in SK?
Also, does Chevy produce the spark in SK, or does a subsidiary produce it for them like in the old days with Daewoo?

Both cars were there along with the SM3 from Samsung, which was apparantly the largest exhibitor. At least thats whats their brochure is telling me.

Seems like they had a total of 6 regular EVs there. One less if Mia electric was actually not there anymore.

I’m not sure why the Leaf should have drawn more attentention than a SM3 or Soul.

Any word if S. Korean built GM Spark EV will make an appearance?

Why couldn’t Hyundai have their Tucson at the show? It’s an FC_EV_, after all; last time I checked, FCEVs all propel themselves using an electric motor, which is the definition of an EV (maglevs and similar exotica aside).

Everything else is just a question of where and how the electricity is produced and/or stored.