Nissan Begins e-NT400 Tests In Toyama, Japan

APR 27 2014 BY MARK KANE 9

Nissan e-NT400

Nissan e-NT400

Nissan announced that beginning back on April 15 in Toyama, Japan into demonstration service went the 100% electric truck e-NT400.

Actually, there will be two such trucks used for recyclable garbage collection to gather some data useful to further the development of the electric truck.

According to our Japanese Google Translator, e-NT400 prototypes has heart and soul from the Nissan LEAF – 80 kW motor plus lithium-ion battery pack capable of quick recharge to 80% in 30 minutes (must be ~24 kWh due to typical 50 kW CHAdeMO chargers).

The 24 kWh battery pack will not allow such a large and heavy vehicle to travel far, so only 62 km or 38 miles of range is listed on the JC08 cycle.  Finally we’ve found an EV with range lower than the Toyota iQ EV (~100 km in JC08), but it’s big truck so we’re thinking Nissan still gets the nod of approval of the electric iQ.

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Only 80 kw fot such a load?
Come on!

”for such a load” of course.

38 miles of range. What a waste of time.

This is not a car, its a truck, a light goods truck designed for use in cities.

IMO there are two things that could happen it could stay as it is and become the NEV of the truck world (a noble cause I might add as it is ridiculous that we have diesel trucks doing less than 40 miles a day around town but I am sure there are plenty in cities like London where the average speed limit is well below 10 mph) or it gets the 150 mile pack and a 160 kW motor and we get something that performs much like the current Nissan leaf of the truck world.

Either way it’d be good to get small trucks out of the city.

What happened to the 72 kWh battery and ranges more like 87 miles?

That are the numbers I’ve seen most of the time when the e-NT400 has been mentioned.

Even if you know exactly where the truck will go 38 miles seem to be very low. The difference in price can’t be that much of an hinderance.

The assumption of 24kWh pack is just that, an assumption.

It should possible to quick charge a 48kWh pack in 30 minutes, the quick charge tapers off amperage early in the charge cycle on a LEAF. WIth a larger pack the maximum charge rate would be sustained for longer. The larger the pack the more juice it can absorb without damage, that’s how come a Tesla can quick charge in 30 minutes also, with greater amperage.

Okay, Nissan. What is it with you and GIANT headlights?

This truck should be ideal for its home market, Japan. It might work well in other densely-populated cities too.

Now I have to convince my city to buy an electric garbage truck so I don’t get awakened every morning at 5:30am by the truck driving by to empty the school’s trash. Yes, it’s the ICE and noisy fan that wakes me up.

If this thing has the same motor as the Nissan Leaf it’s going to burn out really fast do to the weights of a truck placed on it. For something like this it should have a motor at least four times bigger then the leaf’s and have a battery pack with 140 miles of range to make it worth while. In that I have never seen a salutation were a factory or farm is less then 40 miles away round trip from it’s location.

With that much space they could just pack in 2 or 4 nissan leaf batteries and batteries for 4×4 or 4×2 and a lot more range