Nissan Asks: “Can You Guess the Top 10 LEAF Cities for Sales in September?”


Via its Facebook page, Nissan is asking this question:

“Can you guess the top 10 LEAF cities (U.S) for sales in September?”

The automaker adds this into the guessing-game mix:

“Bonus points if you get the right order.”

With the collective EV knowledge that exists among our readers here at InsideEVs, we’re sure someone here will get this right and in the correct order, too.

So, take a shot at listing the Top 10 LEAF cities in comments below.

*We’ll follow up this post with the correct answers when Nissan provides us with that information.

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10 Comments on "Nissan Asks: “Can You Guess the Top 10 LEAF Cities for Sales in September?”"

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#1 is Atlanta

Miami and Chicago are on the list.

Says who? If so, who drops off the old list?
Raleigh is on the new list.

Here’s the “old” top 15 list:

I’ll guess that Dallas moves up a notch or two. Maybe. Sure saw a lot of LEAFs at National Plug-In Day.

Raleigh, NC moves into tenth place.

My guess… However, woud prefer to see Leaf sales ranking listed as “% of total Nissan sales per market” (vs. raw numbers as removes large metro population advantage).

1. Atlanta, GA – for 2nd month in row!
2. SFO – San Jose, CA (Bay Area)
3. Los Angles, CA
4. Seatte-Tacoma, WA
5. Honoluo, HI
6. San Diego, CA
7. Portland, OR
8. Sacramento, CA
9. Chicago, IL
10. Nashville, TN

MOD EDIT (staff): thanks for the update Brian!

– we don’t want to ruin the guessing game for anyone, we will put up the results in the AM in a new story

Is there a chart that shows August only?

I’d like to see Portlandia stay up there – no state tax credit for the sale of the car, and no special HOV access, yet it is still highest in Leaf sales per capita than any other US city. If it the styling was less dorky it would sell worse here. You know how we role. Give it a big credit like Colorado or Georgia and there’d demand would be ridiculous here.

No, but Nssan did list top four in August sales announcement; with Atlanta moving up to #1 from #3.