Nissan Launches Solar Installation Campaign (Reminds Us Of SolarCity)

MAR 26 2018 BY MARK KANE 10

Nissan, together with Ecosystem Japan, have launched a special electricity offer for new LEAF owners in the Kanto region of Japan that includes “free” solar panels.

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2018 Nissan LEAF

In a way, it reminds us of past SolarCity deals, as the customer is required to sign up for Ecosystem Japan’s Jibun Denryoku plan for 20 years, paying just for the electricity, mostly produced from the solar installation.

Installation of the panels and maintenance costs are covered by Ecosystem Japan. After the 20-year period, ownership of the solar power generation system will be transferred to the LEAF owners for free.

It’s an open question whether automakers will spread such campaigns around the world, joining forces with utilities.

The offers ends in March 2018.

“New LEAF owners who sign up for Ecosystem’s Jibun Denryoku (“personal electricity”) plan qualify for free installation of a solar power generation system. They can also get a discount on a plan called the Daytime Assist Plan. Participants are encouraged to charge their LEAFs during the day using electricity from their solar panels, or at night when demand for grid power is lower.”

“* The campaign targets customers living in the Kanto region and runs until the end of March 2018. To qualify, owners of the new Nissan LEAF must sign up for Ecosystem Japan’s Jibun Denryoku plan and are required to continue on the plan for 20 years. When the contract expires, ownership of the solar power generation system will be transferred to the LEAF owners for free. Ecosystem Japan will bear installation and maintenance costs during the contract period.”

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Nissan needs to address their faulty battery issues like now. Don’t buy a Leaf, my two cents, until this is sorted out related to fast charging drop off, related to number of charges in a row.

Even so I don’t recommend the Leaf due to their overall failure in dealing with their various battery issues. Now there is another one.

Exaggerate much?
How is the new leaf inferior to the old one? You may not sleep well in the coming months due to the huge sales numbers Nissan will post on this car.

mark, if it was only as good as previous gen, it would not make people talk about it. make your research.

I did. I take bets too if interested.

Looks like a new twist on the pv lease deals. In US these are just horrible. You may lower your bills but you leave a mound of money on the table. At least in this deal they transfer the pv system to the owner after 20 years.

Great deal for Nissan! After Wrecking your Roof & the Cells are Old & Depleted , Guess What ? You keep them & Save Nissan the Expense of Removal & Disposal Fees then in 3 to 5 yrs …A Bone Head Deal ….LMAO !

You are clueless as usual.
How could you possibly know what the degradation on the panels is when you have no general knowledge?
My LGs have a 0.06%/year degradation which puts the system at over 80% of the original capacity at the 30 year mark.

PV lease deals are a crock, always better to invest the up front money and reap all the awards for the next 30 plus years.

If you are at all handy you can do the install yourself and get 6kwh of solar for the 10K equipment/permit costs.

That’s a big IF. You can only die once by electrocution.
I do agree on the lease deals but there are alot of people that can’t come up with the down payment or can’t finance the loan so leasing is still better than nothing …if done right.

And if you want to add battery storage, Nissan will soon have a surplus of degraded car batteries! Now we know their clever plan…..