Nissan Aims To Begin LEAF Sales In India Soon

JUL 14 2014 BY MARK KANE 7

633 CHAdeMO DC Fast Chargers In The U.S., 3740 Worldwide

Over 3,800 CHAdeMO DC Fast Chargers Worldwide but 0 in India

Nissan is introducing the LEAF in new markets step by step, including in countries that are just now just beginning their adventures with electric cars, like South Africa or more recently Mexico.

Now, the Japanese automaker is looking at India.

However India doesn’t have a charging infrastructure ready for electric cars, so most of the LEAFs sold there will be strongly limited by range of the battery.

Andy Palmer, chief planning officer, Nissan Motor Corp stated:

“We are actively looking at the Leaf for India….I think there is a lot of potential for that car here. There is no doubt electric cars are the future. The product is there what we need is infrastructure. Charging is a big challenge. We are open to collaboration with local manufacturers on that.”

According to Hindustan Times, Mahindra, which is selling India’s only electric car Reva e2o, is open for cooperation.

Pawan Goenka, executive director and president, automotive, M&M remarked:

“We are open to collaboration with any company that has a vision for electric vehicles in India.”

For now, electric Reva e2o has not found many takers because of high prices.  Even hybrids like Toyota Prius and Camry are priced beyond the means of most individuals in India. It will not be easy to sell electric cars in developing countries due to lower purchasing power of the majority of residents, but it’s a plus to see that some automakers are trying.

Source: Hindustan Times

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The electric grid in India is notoriously unreliable, with blackouts often lasting many hours or even days.

Not the best environment for EVs.

And then there is the money thing… How many people in India can actually afford an electric car ?

But, the real problem for electric cars in India ultimately rests on a reliable electric grid.

Well India actually can install solar & drive EVs for free just by small aid from GoI. Indian government is putting 14000 Cr Proposal for EV’s. More at

My brother in India had less blackout days per year than I had near Seattle last year.

Well, the US is a third world country when it comes to infrastructure so that doesn’t say much 😉

India has enough trouble keeping the electricity on for day-to-day use. Adding electric vehicles could be a significant strain to an already-strained infrastructure. If you look at pictures in the cities, you will see complete rats nests of wires as businesses and homes (illegally) tap into the wires directly.

India has a good push for solar generation as of late, and that would work, but like the Philippines, they need to make sure the power infrastructure is there first.

I am looking forward for this launch.Earlier indications suggest Leaf to be priced at 12,00,000 INR which is 20,000 USD. But for selling any good number they need to reduce the price by 50% and if they do so i will be the first person to book 🙂

A Toyota Prius (Z6 top end model) costs INR 3800000 (38 lakhs). This is a CBU. The same Prius costs ~$31000 MSRP (top end model) in USA.
The leaf costs ~$35000 (SL – top end model) in USA, so based on above figures, Nissan leaf may cost anywhere between INR 4300000 to INR 4400000 (41 to 42 lakhs).

But if Nissan chooses CKD route (which is very unlikely in near future) then the price will come down by 40%, even this will be out of reach for many Indians.

Lets hope Nissan surprises India by pricing Leaf competitively.