Nissan Advises To Skip Car Hassles With The All-Electric LEAF – Videos

NOV 3 2016 BY MARK KANE 14

Nissan continues to advertise the LEAF in the U.S. to a degree…although one might note there is now no longer any talk of the range, abilities or pricing on the all-electric car anymore.

The new promotional series for the LEAF is entitled ‘Skip Car Hassles’, which underscores the high reliability and nearly no maintenance requirements for Nissan’s EVs.

Nissan LEAF Skip Car Hassles

Nissan LEAF Skip Car Hassles

Nissan LEAF Skip Car Hassles | Maintenance 
You could let these guys inspect every part of your car, or you could drive a car that needs almost no maintenance. Skip the car hassles with the 100% electric Nissan LEAF.

The second spot centers around gas stations – and all the wonders of society that involves using one today.

Nissan LEAF Skip Car Hassles | Pit Stop 
You could dash on down to the local fuel center, or you could never go to the gas station again. Skip the car hassles with the no-gas, 100% electric Nissan LEAF.

Maybe it is just us, but we doubt we will see these ads running nationally before that new Nissan Rogue/Star Wars Rogue One spot (below)…which in our estimation, seems like the advertising production budget might have been just a touch higher for.

Still, we will take what we can get.

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Indeed, my 12 Leaf was the most reliable car I ever had. And I did enjoy bypassing the normal hassles of car ownership.

An exception to that was the clueless Nissan dealer – that hassle persisted.

lol, “almost no maintenance”.

Any Tesla owners have service done yet? How about the cooling system flush for the battery and traction motor? How much did that cost you????

Trollin’ trollin’… let’s go a out a trollin’… keep them trolls a rollin… Troll-hide!

Nice. EV makers do need to start pushing the reliability and less frequent repairs issue.

No oil changes, no smog checks, no tune-ups, no muffler changes, etc.

As I like to say to people “Your refrigerator runs 24/7 for 365 days a year . . . how much maintenance or repairs do you do on its electric motor?”

Meanwhile in Canada…

I don’t watch much TV to begin with, but seeing a commercial for a Nissan Leaf at all is nigh impossible. Nevermind their “Check out all the different cars we sell!” ads that feature what are probably their top-selling models.

Well, short range EVs are not such a good match for Canada due to the range drop during the winter. But longer range EVs and PHEVs should be good there.

There’s a reason why Nissan is no-longer talking about that 200 mile range Nissan Leaf. If that 200 mile range Nissan Leaf turns out to be a 148 mile EPA range the negative publicity Nissan would get from that, only Volkswagen would be able to top.

Well I HOPE they learned their lesson from their “100 mile range” original LEAF that only got 83 miles per EPA.

I thank the EPA for having a nice conservative/realistic rating system compared to the Japanese and European range rating systems that give ridiculously unrealistic range numbers.

In Canada, we have had our leaf for a year now and routinely get 190-200km (105-120 miles) per charge. Zero maintenance yet as well. This is our first Nissan product and Nissan impressed me enough that I went and bought a sentra within a couple of months. I was a die-hard Chev guy.

Yeah but the Rogue commercial is bland and blends in with the rest of the ice vehicle ads. The two Clyde Bros ads actually have a joke people can remember.

Of course, anyone who isn’t yet completely sick of Star War’s plastic merchandise, since Disney took over, may get a somehow fresh thrill out of yet one more SW ad.

Except the 2 front tires will be bald in only a year and a half…I’ve seen a lot of Leafs including mine that from tires were just gone. Had to replace it so soon.

Yep. All EV’s burn rubber. Talked to a Tesla owner yesterday at Whole Paycheck and that’s the thing that surprised him.

I run the LEAF at 40psi which doubles the life of the tire.

Mine lasted about 2 years. The tires on my Volt are doing much better.

Reduced maintenance is a nice bonus!