Nissan Adds Fast Chargers In Michigan, Bringing State Total Up To Just 15 – Ouch

JUN 30 2017 BY MARK KANE 20

Nissan has completed the installation of two new DC fast charging stations in Southeastern Michigan, increasing the total number in the state to 15.  Such progress.

Nissan LEAF DC fast charging

The new stations are located at USA 2 GO convenience stores in the towns of Novi and Howell, along the I-96 expressway.

As in case of other projects (see ‘I-95 Fast-Charge ARC’ Between Boston, Washington D.C.), Nissan is now thankfully being proactive, and adding double-head chargers (CHAdeMO and CCS Combo) – which is kinda swell all things considered.

Nissan also boasted that so far it has played a part in the installation of a massive 55% of all CHAdeMO chargers in the U.S.

“The two stations represent a more than 15 percent increase in Michigan’s current fast-charge EV infrastructure. Each station, installed in collaboration with EVgo and GoSpace, includes both CHAdeMO and CCS DC fast-charging outlets so all EV owners have the ability to charge their vehicles. Of the 15 DC fast chargers now on-line in the state, Nissan had a direct part in the installation of each one. Additionally, Nissan has played a part in the installation of 55 percent of all CHAdeMO fast-charge connections to date across the U.S., and recently announced the I-95 Fast-Charge ARC project that connects a 500-mile span between Boston and Washington D.C.

This expansion will allow EV owners a quick, safe and convenient place to charge their vehicles while traveling greater distances. Nissan is proud to reaffirm its commitment to public fast-charging infrastructure with these new locations in anticipation of the upcoming next-generation Nissan LEAF. The all-new LEAF will be unveiled globally in September.”

JeSean Hopkins, senior manager, EV infrastructure strategy & business development, Nissan North America said:

“Nissan is dedicated to building a convenient EV charging infrastructure across the U.S. While it’s not a priority for everyone, we firmly believe a robust infrastructure is key to the growth of EVs. Adding these fast chargers to Michigan’s EV infrastructure will benefit all regional EV owners, regardless of make or model.”

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It’s still 15 more than what is in Saskatchewan

Same for Oklahoma. We have 3 chademo chargers.

Have you considered making some kind of Moose range extender?

So, Michigan is on the slow-walk program.

And now for something completely different. Moving forward. Nevada’s multiple bills to diversify its state economy to accomodate as much as 10%, of a 40% renewable power mandate, in batteries.

Don’t they have a factory, there?

Most states throw around Megawatts of ideas for battery storage. 10% of generated electricity is a whole ‘notha thing.

How many Tesla super chargers in the state? It doesn’t look like a ton and all we hear is how they are the gold standard.

The bias against anything Tesla from some “authors” on this site is really kind of ridiculous.

at least 40 stalls across 5 sites. And those are about 2x as fast as the Nissan sites.

And at least 16 under construction.

Also note that Teslas have 2-3x the battery capacity of Nissans so you they’re much less dependent on the network. Most of Nissans appear to be clustered in the Detroit area (Lansing doesn’t even have 1) so not terribly useful for going far from home.

sources: and plugshare

Six operational supercharger sites, one under construction, two with permits pending, all have 8 charging stalls each.

Michigan is the home state of GM and Ford, both of which make EVs with CCS ports…

I think you missed the Port Huron set, which is on the US side as well bringing the total to 7 operational MI sites!

Yes I did, thanks. See? Can’t even keep track of them, they appear so rapidly. 🙂

You dont need a lot of superchargers. They just need to be within 200 miles of each other along your path of travel. Which they appear to be in Michigan except in the sparsely populated Northern parts.

If I moved back to Michigan or had to travel through there I wouldnt worry about charging.

If I was driving a non Tesla EV. I would not be able to venture away from the greater Detroit area easily.

Current Spark Ev owner

Clarification: I wouldnt worry about charging in Michigan if I was driving a Tesla

Good move. Nissan needs to add at least 100’s to begin with.

Ideally they should manufacture the fast chargers so that it will be economical and they can install it in 1,000s Worldwide.

Don, respectfully I disagree with your assertion that Nissan should manufacture charging stations. By your logic, they should also be in the business of glass, tire, rubber, plastics, leather, cloth, electronics, etc. That isn’t their business model. Instead they and other auto makers figured out that they could (and likely should) outsource component pieces.

Nissan is funding growth of the public DC network because they see it in their own best interest. Likewise, they have their No Charge To Charge program to help drive sales and get consumers in the habit of going to pay charging points. They really are only doing this to support making and selling electric vehicles.

Outside of California, much of the DCFC infrastructure in place is because of Nissan. BMW has also been chipping in some since the intro of the i3. Perhaps Chevy will start chipping in soon as well.

Nissan should probably manufacture cheap level 2 AC chargers to be installed on the streets. They should, because unlike gas stations, there arguibly should MORE charging stations to support the same amount of EV as ICEV

finally a car manufacturer that’s actually expanding a charge network. this is excellent.

Weird choices. Why not something along the I-94 corridor to Chicago? Currently even the Bolt would have a hard time getting from Detroit to Chicago.

Oh, and when I lived in the area, Howell was a $hit-town and known as the kkk capital of the state. Don’t stop to charge if you are not white, could be a health risk.

They have 2 good breweries now, and a really good hockey shop. I’ve used the chargers at the outlet mall.

From what I’m seeing, Nissan may get sales in Detroit, but VW will have sales across the state simply by putting chargers OUTSIDE of the Detroit environs.

Any EV can charge at the chargers. They are not brand specific.