Nissan Reports Only 2,814 LEAFs Sold In Europe In May

JUN 11 2018 BY MARK KANE 45

Nissan announced its sales result in Europe for the month of May.

LEAF was the #5 best selling model for the brand with 2,814 sales.

Compared to 50,818 sales total Nissan sales, LEAF was responsible for 5.5%, which is not a small portion, but we had hoped for more after the news of a new order every 10 minutes.

With more than 37,000 orders out there for the second-generation LEAF and maybe only over 15,000 delivered, we expected Nissan to be selling several thousand a month. In March, the company sold over 6,500.

It’s hard to say why the result is below 3,000, but the number of orders would seem to clearly indicate production constraints.

LEAF sales will improve for March, but how much?
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Why isn’t it selling well? See, short range and upcoming model that will make the current model obsolete.

Are you sure that it’s not delivery related? It might still sell very well.

As far as I have heard demand is still crazy high, so probably rather supply issues. There are still more than enough reservations.

Maybe they updated the factory for more output?

There are several Leafs sitting on the lot at my local Nissan dealer. Maybe it has to do with the fact that it will overheat if you leave it in the sun or charge the battery.

Musk said (at the shareholder meeting last month) there will very soon be Model 3s available in all the Tesla stores. Does this mean Tesla can’t sell the cars they are making?

Of course not.

And Nissan has a backlog of 37,000 orders, probably more after the slow deliveries in May.

There seems to be a lot of negative opinions being spread around about the car. Mostly from non LEAF owners I would assume.

Hardly surprising, falling sales, due to the poor battery thermal management system.

As much as I despise the thermal issues they have, most European customers live in a climate that doesn’t cause much degradation. So being the article is about Europe, I don’t think this is the issue.

Can there maybe an article about the Leaf where you decide not to come with the same statement? We understand that you are not a fan.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous


The current Nissan Leaf with the 40 kWh battery pack is actually good enough for many people in Europe for their daily driving needs. Every morning a full battery pack is all you need.

But still people rather want to have the extra range that comes with the 60 kWh battery pack. Just in case they someday might need that extra range.

It’s the same with the Tesla Model S with the 100 kWh battery pack. If Tesla would someday start offering a 120 kWh battery pack then people would buy it, even though they might never ever be in the situation that they will need the extra range.

If money is not the problem, then why not go for the maximum capacity that is available?

If money wasn’t an issue you likely wouldn’t get the LEAF at all.

I meant to say that if up to about €10,000,- higher purchase price wouldn’t be a problem.

The Nissan Leaf simply is a very good EV in that particular price range. Probably it’s even the best choice among what is available on the market today in this price range.

The question is if one does consider it to be good enough for people’s daily driving needs. And many people actually do consider it to be good enough for them.

And yes, people would prefer to buy a Tesla if they had the money for it. If that is what you meant to say.

Do you ever fill out your gas tank?, Even though you don’t need the extra milleage?

I’m not sure why you are asking me this question?

Most people do. Because you can go longer before having to fuel up again.

On the other hand, for people for whom money does matter (most of us), this current Nissan Leaf with the 40 kWh battery pack is a pretty good EV.

I would expect that Nissan Leaf sales in Europe to be at least about 4,000 per month. Probably in the second half of 2018 the sales numbers will increase.

It’s not just about money buddy!
Even people with limited money want to drive in style. Even people with limited money have iPhones. Even people with limited money have big flat screen tv

They have all that stuff because they can afford to buy them.

So many naysayers still – range… tms…slow blah blah. I ask: How often do you drive over 150 miles ? Furthermore even when you do, that distance is about when you will take a break anyway so I see no issue here. We ordered a chestnut bronze Leaf Acenta that was in stock the other day, after ours it was 7 months waiting. Wonderful car. Safe, silent, fast, stable, roomy. There was no doubt this would suit us perfectly as our only car. Absolutely need a long range because you go 300 miles non-stop ? Guess you’re getting a Tesla then (good luck in Europe btw). And don’t just go “Model S” because it’s simply not comparable size or prize-wise.

Your looking at it wrong, how much will your car be worth in 4 years when everything has at least 200-250 mile range. Just look at the old leafs (leaves?), they are worthless now.

@Adam and while he stepped up to help to save the climate, you probably hide behind a reservation…

From my point of view, a bigger battery makes more sense if you are buying and not leasing, since batteries due degrade after time and usage.

If you car’s battery capacity has dropped 50% by 150,000 miles or 13 years, you still have a reasonable used car if you have over 200 miles worth of charge when new.

If you get only 150 000 miles out of it you have a lemon compared to other battery options that offer 500 000 miles at less than 20% degradation in all temperatures! It makes it an expensive purchase.

Sorry, you don’t understand!!

Hahaha they got you with the ol’ “last one in stock” sales trick. Another fool parts from his money.

See how the packs do.

NEC 40kWh packs don’t do well. Worse than the 24kWh packs from 2011-2012.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I’d hold off and let other take the hit to see what the battery packs degradation is.

Bit odd that a company with 8 years of EV manufacturing experience and loads of mass production experience and resources should have supply problems like this.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Where are all the jerkweeds that throws stones at Tesla for having production issues?
What? No stones thrown at a manufacturer who’s been building cars for over 70 years yet bombard Tesla who’s still in it’s infancy?


It’s not like Nissan was in much of a hurry to introduce this MK2 Leaf either…

As får as i know NISSAN promise delivery in six months and keep it. TESLA promise delivery and people have to wait years and then more years. Thats the difference.

In this thread: people eager to explain why demand is falling when it’s not clear that’s the case.

Euro socialists talk endlessly about how everyone else should live and then drive home in their diesel CO2 factories.

Er No, I know of 4 people in my neck o the woods UK (myself included) who found the lease deals on the new 2018 leaf to be overly expensive and a major disincentive for people who want to go BEV.
I also asked quite a few of my friends about if & when they would consider BEV’s as their next car and everyone said the same thing, Absolutely they would but they’re too expensive.

Still six months delivery time in all Europeaen markets. Shame they cant deliver faster.

Looks like there are going to be 2,814 extremely happy consumers in Europe. Congratulations. I hope Tesla and Bolt and other EVs have excellent sales too. The sooner we can put to rest fossil fuels the better.

Preliminary data shows this car has an even worse battery than the one found in the 2011-2012 when it comes to premature degradation. Perhaps it’s good only 2,814 LEAFs are out in the wild. I’m holding off until the 2019 MY with the LG battery.

What preliminary data?

In the US, anyway, there is a 2-month supply of Leafs on dealer lots, which is considered normal inventory. (1500 sales in May, 3000 Leafs available)

There is no production constraint – only a lack of sales.

And I’ve said this before, but Nissan counted my interest in receiving e-mail updates as an ‘order’, which it isn’t. Don’t confuse that large number of ‘orders’ with actual paying customers. I think Nissan is trying to wag the dog.

Natural ebb and flow for Europe particularly if it was a warmer (than typical)month. Probably pump primed March and some of april with uk incentives.

Still over 7000 world wide.

Stop writing about selling, what is happening are deliveries.
The sales of these cars happened months ago. This number is high or low as a consequence of production and logistics planning. It has nothing to do with the Leaf selling well or falling in disfavor with customers.

This only demonstrates your ignorance about the European market.

It’s high time Nissan and BMW come out and openly declare that the dealers are not selling Electric Vehicles. So they can start selling EVs directly to customers.
So in 2018-05, Nissan sold around 1,500 (USA); 1,800 (Japan); 2,500 (EU) and the only exception of high sales is 900 (Canada) which puts the total around 7,000 which is slightly more than Model-3.

Great news, if it is anything like the 2016 and 2017 LEAFs it is the greatest car ever built. Our 2016SL is outstanding. I would love to see a million of them sold every month, along with Teslas, Volts, and Bolts, etc. I am also very glad to see that Toyota has improved the Prius plug in and Honda is making a few EVs now. The sooner we can put gas cars to rest the better. We have 3 LEAFs now with over 10 years of accumulated driving and so far we have not experienced any overheating problems. It does seldom get over 100F here in Alabama though, but my wife parks her 2016Sl in the sun in a parking lot 5 days a week, it seems to be doing exceptionally well even in 140F parking lot temps. Like the Tesla owners manual recommends, Just do not leave it in the heat at 100% charge and it will do well.