Nismo LEAF Shows Where Future “LEAF’s Spirit Could Go”

SEP 1 2016 BY MARK KANE 18

Nismo Spec Nissan LEAF

Nismo Spec Nissan LEAF

CAR magazine, after talking with Gareth Dunsmore, who is Nissan’s Electric Vehicle Divisional General Manager in Europe, suggests that future Nissan LEAFs could have a “go faster” trim level.

Apparently the 2011 LEAF Nismo RC is the signpost for the future.

Ultimately, Nismo did also develop a sporty kit for LEAF in Japan (full details) that both tweaks performances and design, but it’s really hard to say what to expect from an augmented next generation LEAF…as we can’t say what the next LEAF actually provides as a baseline.

But as to whether the next LEAF will get more power, or there will be special version?  When asked specifically, Mr. Dunsmore is still holding the cards close:

“We had the Leaf Nismo RC as a one-off prototype and it shows where the vehicle’s spirit could go, in Japan we have a special-edition Leaf called the Leaf Aero Style, which is a more sporty package. One thing we certainly need to do is challenge perceptions and that’s also what Bladeglider (details on recent debut of functional prototype) is here to do – to challenge those perceptions.”

“…if you jumped into a Nissan Leaf and you’d never driven an electric vehicle before, I would challenge anyone to get out and say the car doesn’t have a sporty feel to it. The second you touch the accelerator, the instant torque and smoothness of acceleration, that is exciting, and well-suited to link up with things like Nismo.”

source: CAR magazine via Autoblog

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Still fugly…

Sort of like Cinderela’s wicked step-sisters:

Leaf those Stepsisters alone! If Cinderella has made other arrangements, just go stag to the ball, in a pumpkin pulled by a bunch of ” Teslatosterone ” charged Mice!

The current gen Leaf is about as far from sporty as I can possibly imagine. It’s an absolute pig in the corners with numb steering and awful road holding. Before anyone jumps on me I have owned and driven one daily for the last three years.

Oh I absolutely agree. And I love my Leaf for what it is – a reliable, convenient family car.

Try some real rubber it is a different car

I will take that NISMO ECM !

It’s more than rubber, though. You have to upgrade the suspension if you don’t want the body to roll around every corner. And I’m not sure what you do to tighten up the sloppy steering response.

The ECM would be really nice, if only it was offered in the US. Maybe for the next generation it will be.

My 2013 had the Bridgestone tires, my 2015 LEAF has the Michelins… night and day difference.

Well, it never meant to be sporty.
What could we expect?
Still, I own one since the beginning of 2012 and it has more punch than most other practical car on the road.
It’s a very drivable, comfortable and practical car and I like it every time I drive it.

Yep – current Leaf owner here. Its boring, unexciting, uninvolving econobox. Leaving everything the same except making it look sporty would be pathetic without doing something to the battery and powertrain.
The updated Volt is outselling the Leaf 2:1 because it just looks better.
Current Leaf is two years too old, should have been updated last year at least.

Thats why it got updated last year. And in europe the Leaf is far outpacing the Ampera since day one (100:1 or more), because of the aweful high price that Oprl/GM decided to print on the sticker…

I thought the LEAF was very stable and refined. Steady state cornering was decent with those Ecopia tires. We have already seen the huge handling improvement with better tires. Throttle response was instantaneous compared to Focus and i3.

LEAF – the best car I have ever had – ugly or not ??
All previus cars were GM – look forward to test Bolt

GM builds crap

While it’s true that some GM cars are pretty poor, not all are. The Volt is an incredibly well-designed and well-built piece of machinery. If the Bolt is built half as well as the Volt, it will be a great car.

True. It’s a big tent which encompasses a whole range of brands and models. It’s a stable that contains thoroughbreds right alongside nags.
I think you are probably correct about the Bolt.

I’d like it to be more than just RICE please.

How’s about upping its acceleration and of course, more range?

The styling is “better”, but still could be a lot better than it is even with that.

Auto manufacturers (other than Tesla) are trying to keep demand for BEVs low by keeping them fairly fugly (note Nissan thinking of bringing an electric Juke to market- yet more fugly) and not promoting the cars positively in advertising.