Watch NIO Tease ES6 Ahead Of Unveiling On December 15

NOV 30 2018 BY MARK KANE 7

NIO ES6 will go on sale next year.

NIO, one of the rising electric carmakers from China, plans to unveil its second production model – the NIO ES6.

The ES6 is expected to be a simply smaller, more affordable version of theĀ ES8 electric SUV, which has been on the market in China for several months now.

We don’t know much about the ES6, but hopefully NIO will present additional details at the special unveiling event called “NIO Day 2018” on December 15, 2018

The front of the ES6, as seen in the video, reminds us of an ES8:

NIO ES8 at battery swap station

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Hopefully it is a lot shorter than the ES8. In Europe with cars the size of an ES8 you just get stuck in the small historical towns. Fancy stuff though this ES8!

Ive heard some references that the es6 is 2/3 the size and 2/3 the price of the es8. They could be beating the Model Y to market for the compact suv space.

Nio ES8 is selling fairly well in China in the absence of Tesla Model-X.
I guess ES6 being more affordable will sell in much higher #.
Battery swapping stations are real surprise. If this succeeds and more such stations are installed, then the fuelcell promise will fade away.

Anyone invested in these company yet

Price per share 1/50th price of Tesla…twice the potential for growth. And that’s in China alone.

ES8 #10000 already built, sold all over China and more models in the pipeline. Should do well in the US and EU too. Plus one major shareholder is also Tesla shareholder. Future looks bright!

Yep. If you’re Chinese.