NIO Releases All-Electric ES8 SUV Road Test – Video


NIO has presented a video with itsĀ ES8 prototypes tested around the world, ahead of its market launch next year in China.

NIO ES8 durability test

The all-electric 7-seat (2-3-2) SUV is to be equipped with a dual-motor all-wheel drive power-train and probably a decent-sized battery pack (we have to speculate as NIO has yet to publish any hard specs on the EV yet).

Tests of the ES8 were conducted not only in China, but also in Australia (hot climate durability test), California (autonomous driving) and Germany (air suspension).

Taking into consideration how fast Chinese plug-in market grows, the all-electric SUV has more than a fighting chance for success.

Once again, for those of us without access to the Chinese EV market … we are jealous.

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Looks they testing more in one year than Tesla in last 5 years…

Hope they sell it it worldwide.

All-electric vehicles are going to take the world by storm much faster than we anticipated only a year or two ago.

Ive had the chance to drive one of these already and all i can say is its legit. Feels like a bmw on the inside and pulls like a freight train.

Do you know approximate 0-60 mph/0-100 kmh?

Hi Jake, this looks like one cool car/suv can’t what to see it on the road.

NIO, still dependent for its production skills and facilities, has a long way to catch up with Tesla.