NIO Files For U.S. IPO – Could Raise $2 Billion

MAY 29 2018 BY MARK KANE 15

NIO apparently has submitted an initial confidential filing with the U.S. SEC for the planned initial public offering (IPO) this summer or in early autumn.


The Chinese company is expected to raise some $2 billion to fund the introduction of an entire lineup of electric cars.

The first production model to come onto the market is NIO ES8, not counting the EP9 halo model.

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According to the reports, NIO raised $1 billion in November.

As the company is backed by big business like Tencent Holdings Ltd., there shouldn’t be any problems with attracting investors.

Hopefully, soon we will be able to see how well the NIO ES8 does in terms of sale when it hits the market.

Source: Bloomberg

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I am in, where do I sign up?

Unless you have money to burn, don’t bother with the IPO. I would say don’t bother period, but that would be a bit too easy.

And why do you say that? Do you have some token of inside information? I have been to their offices in Shenzhen, and to their factory construction site, it all looks pretty legit to me…

Really, so why is a self-proclaimed owner of a gravel trucking business in WA and a serial anti-Tesla troll here visiting the offices if Nio Motors in Shenzhen China?

Maybe it is because you are not who you say you and you are someone who has a a lot to lose by Tesla’s success.

Hey Nix am I right, is “Dave” just another username for Tesla-shorter who lost his ass Mark Spiegel?

haha! Maybe you should go back and read more of my comments, my wife is Chinese, and her father is an angel investor in Nio, and BYD, go back a ways and read (He took us to see NIO when we were in Shenzhen in Late Jan, early Feb this year)

I have no interest in Tesla either way… I buy stock in careful companies with quiet CEO’s and lots of profits… I am more like Mr Wonderful on Shark Tank, but not anywhere near as rich or bald.

I find it amusing how misinformed many Tesla fans are about what is really happening the in the world.

Your comments seem consistent. Good industry knowledge, and then this odd bend against Tesla.

Good luck being careful with IPOs. We are all rooting for you.

I am actually a pretty nice guy. I am just not a fan of Tesla, I do not like the arrogance of the CEO, and I feel the cars quality could be much better. Thats really my only problems with Tesla, but the fan bois constantly attacking me is certainly not making me like Tesla more. I have at least 10 friends that own Teslas, not one of them ever acts like the people on this blog, or even disagrees with my opinion of the company, cars, or its CEO (including my friend that works at SpaceX). At parties they often compare service visit stories, its pretty funny. Several of my friends are also waiting on the I-Pace, or E-Tron now, our group has quite a few EV families. I was the first one in my circle of friends with an EV (2013 Volt) and now we are taking it a step further building a house that is designed from the start to use almost 100% renewable energy. In a way, I am the trendsetter of the circle of friends, I have always been out in front on the green movement (in my circle of friends). I get excited about… Read more »

I just think there are better places to put your money. A Chinese IPO of an ev company is not at the top on my list. I just didn’t fall off the turnip truck, as the saying goes.

I am sure there are better places to put money, but I am not finding many… In the stock market almost everything is priced for perfection, and its the same with the real estate market, and we already have all new equipment, I am having trouble finding good investments, hence building a new house, new BEV, etc…

My wife is Chinese, so we really do not think of a boundary when making investments, its all about the potential to make profit / risk involved.

Are these new cars going to be sold in the U.S. market, are they Chinese market only?

The plan is Chinese market first, then to the USA…. This IPO is to raise money for expansion.

Why do chinese companies that manufacture back in CHina, and operate under Chinese laws, file IPO here, taking American money and then any bankruptcy will hurt Americans?
Perhaps a better way to ask this is why do we allow that?

Well, I think many Americans are trying to invest into overseas companies, and NIO plans to bring there products to the USA… They may even manufacture here at some point.

NIO employs about 500 people in Silicon Valley, it’s a global company.