Watch NIO EP9 Charge Up The Hill At Goodwood


And set a record for the fastest road car

It was a terrific weekend for fast electric cars. While the Formula E was finishing up its fourth season on the streets of New York City, the Nio EP9 was shocking the crowds at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in the south of England.

The outstanding performance of the Chinese electric supercar was likely eye-opening to many of the gathered fans, but it wasn’t to us. This is, after all, the car that set an all-time fastest record on the Nürburgring Nordschleife. Boasting, however quietly, over a megawatt of power and capable of sprinting to 200 kph (124 miles per hour) from a dead stop in 7.1 seconds — quicker than most cars can make it that half that speed — the halo of the Nio brand made short work of the Goodwood Hillclimb.

With the brand’s test pilot and professional race car driver Peter Dumbreck strapped into the cockpit, it covered the entirety of the 1.86-km (1.16-mile) course in a blistering 44.32 seconds. That was quick enough to qualify it as the fastest road car ever to navigate the 9-turn course which, it may interest you to know, is built on the driveway of the 10,000 acre Goodwood estate.

According to Sports Car Digest, the EP9 was doing 118mph on the approach to Molecomb Corner, which is about halfway through the course at the end of a number of grandstands. The 2nd-fastest run of the day — only the VW I.D. R, also an all-electric was faster — its time can be put into perspective by taking a look at the overall record: 41.6 seconds, set by Nick Heidfeld in 1999 in a McLaren MP4/13 Formula One car.

If you have approximately $1.48 million to spare and would like to get your hands on your own copy, you’re sadly out of luck. Production of the Nio EP9 is said to be limited to six examples, all of which are spoken for.

Source: Sports Car Digest, YouTube

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1.48 million. Consider you get a car that was a half second off the VW ID R, the car that just claimed the Pikes Peak overall world record!!! That is amazing, for an unknown like NIO. Dumas claimed he was backing down, after this event happened in qualifying:

I would never spectate so close to the outside of a turn especially at this event. Those hay bales will do little once one of these aero-cars goes off track at speed, rolls, gets airborne and flies right over them.

If someone can find a version of this run w/o commentary, please share!

Too bad they only make 6. Should be 60K, so I could be able to see that beauty in real life some day.

It’s Like a Slot Car !