NIO To Double Its Value In First Days Of U.S. Trading

SEP 14 2018 BY MARK KANE 18

Bad timing affected NIO from raising more money.

Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer NIO was able to raise $1 billion through its IPO on the NYSE, but it was clearly seen that there is higher potential.

“In an interview Wednesday, NIO Chief Financial Officer Louis Hsieh attributed the low initial price to bad timing, saying losses in Asian markets had made domestic investors “too jittery.””

Right after the trading began, stock value went up from $6.26 and now within 48 hours is around twice higher at a level of over $12 per share!

In the future, NIO would like to sell cars also in Europe and the U.S., but it will probably be second-generation models on new platform.

Source: Bloomberg

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I got in on 100 shares, come on NIO!! Be the next Tesla!

That’s the spirit. Not very likely, but enjoy.

Trying. Even a small percentage of Tesla success would be great. Ultimately, I’m hoping they do well so they push other companies.

The problem is that “a small percentage of success” is not a very likely scenario, since they seem to be targetting the mainsteam market — and being successful while being small is probably not possible in that market. Either they make it big, or they fold.

I got in on 165 at 6.50. I have seen the cars in person, very well done.

Nice work, I was late in at $9, I think I should be ok, though.

Wall Street sure screwed these guys.

That’s what Wall street does!

Was thinking the same thing.

By about $1B short… Almost like a bunch of people on wall street want to stop another ev manufacture before they get big.

That sucks. I was going to buy some shares but my bf said no. Wading going to put 1k down

Come on dude! You said you were going to….
I had it on my watchlist but forgot to actually execute on the first open…of well…

I was but BF said no. He’s the money man.

Now he says that he will

Got in for 800 at 6.50. Sold 400 at 12 will keep the rest for the long term.

The good thing is, they can’t fall very far, being as they opened at the low end of their proposed ipo trading range.

So now Bloomberg and others have to come up with a story to fit the events. They first said it was Elon behavior that keep the stock down….what’s now 2 days later?

I got in on 500 at 6.27. If it drops in a few days, I’ll add more.