Nine Plug-In Vehicles Take Edmunds’ 105.5 Mile Test Together (Video)


For probably the first time, nine different electric vehicles took to the road at the same time to perform a controlled test over 105.5 miles.  The goal was to not only gauge the amount of distance travelled, but the amount of power it took to achieve those miles.

Some observations of interest:

  • Edmunds Gets 9 EVs Together For A Standardized Test

    Edmunds Gets 9 EVs Together For A Standardized Test

    Coda –  “Who would have thought that it would make it around the loop?  It is not a great car, but it has a great battery.”

  • Tesla Model S  (85 kWh)- “Driving prudently, it goes around our track twice, and has 56 miles left over to get back”
  • Mitsubishi i-MiEV – “62 miles isn’t really enough, unless you live in the city, close to work”
  • LEAF – “The first electric vehicle that went on sale, feels the oldest…”

The other vehicles in the test:

  • Toyota RAV4 EV
  • BMW ActiveE
  • Honda Fit EV
  • Ford Focus Electric
  • VW Golf Prototype

We also encourage you to read Edmunds full recap here.


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The 5 passenger, 5-door Focus Electric did quite well. 99.8 miles with the lowest energy consumption of a C-Segment car. It actually does better in every category than the Nissan Leaf(faster/quieter/handles better), along with charging twice as fast.

Now with a lease in Southern CA of $249/mo with $2k down, it’s the obvious choice.

Generally agree though I think the 2013 Leaf with miltiple improvements is still extremely competitive.

Somewhat disappointed at how the RAV4 EV and Fit EV are selling.

I agree with Bloggin. Leasing a Focus makes sense.
(Unless you have a commute longer than 35 miles.)
We’re going to lease a Focus at $199.00 a month.
In 36 months, all of our EV choices will have expanded tremendously.

The Focus did really well. The Focus EV handles a lot better to me than the Leaf.

I would really like to know why they used a 2011 leaf when all the other cars were basically brand new. There is no doubt in my mind that my 2012 Leaf with 27k miles on it would complete a 105 mile loop. Ive been 120 miles plus per charge a few times. There is no wau that a Focus with a smaller battery can go further than a New Leaf! Their test car must gave been one of the abused ones from Phoenix! I call Bs! Invite me to your test with my car!

When Edmunds reruns the test with a new 2013 Leaf rather than a two year old vehicle, the test results with be much different by far!

Plus the Focus only has room for only one bag in the trunk and that’s it!

Amazing that the RAV4 went over 140 miles….what’s the EPA rating? 160?


The RAV4’s EPA rating is 103 miles per charge. All of the cars beat their EPA rating by a comfortable margin because this test is not a very demanding one. It’s still good in my opinion because it uses the same course and conditions for all the cars so you can see them compared side by side(in a way). FWIW, I can confirm the ActiveE range they came up with of 114.5 is pretty much dead on from what I’ve observed in similar driving conditions as the test was conducted in.

Comparative cars in two words:

Coda – Chinese Tuning;

Tesla Model S (85 kWh) – Leading Car;

Mitsubishi i-MiEV – Egg Shaped;

LEAF – Frog Face;

Toyota RAV4 EV – Good Batteries;

BMW ActiveE – Ultimate Electric;

Honda Fit EV – Expensive Vehicle;

Ford Focus Electric – Aston Face;

VW Golf Prototype – Boooring (Yawn)…