Nikola Zero UTV Driving Footage And Launch Videos


Nikola Zero

Nikola Zero

Nikola Motor Company launched its Nikola Powersports division, and has now began sharing teaser videos on the Nikola Zero electric buggy (see description here).

The first teaser (above) is on the sound of Zero UTV taking off, while the second one is a “first public drive”, although the wind noise is a tad annoying.

The 72 kWh EV buggy project (that can also hit 60 mph in a pretty scarey 3 seconds) seems to be progressing nicely, but its too early or not to say whether it succeed.

MSRP price of the Nikola UTV is $37,000 (via a $750 refundable deposit), so basically comparable with Chevrolet Bolt EV, just without all those pesky creature comforts…like windows.

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Kvas – ne kola, pei Nikolu 🙂

“so basically comparable with Chevrolet Bolt EV”
Only if your Bolt can hit 70 mph on sand dunes can take 20 ft jumps and roll over and keep going…
If they are serious the solar roof does not belong…

The Polaris RzR is what it is comparable too and what it will be benchmarked against and they are priced from 13k for a slow lame one to 28k…

The fact that Polaris, Can Am, Artic Cat, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, and Honda all sell comparable products means there is a big and profitable market for them…
If it is high quality and out performs the competion it will sell…

Not seeing anything different here than the last article on this subject. Who in the heck would pay $37,000 for a dune buggy?

Only someone with a lot more dollars than sense!

Or who the heck would pay 70k plus for any car just to go from point A to point B…

And generaly speaking the people with the most dollars have the most sense which is how they got the dollars…

72 kWh isn’t that a bit much for a beach buggy unless it’s for the military or some fun park where different people rent it all day? It’s not something you are going to ride at very high speeds or for long road trips.

Usually I would complain about too small batteries in EVs instead, but this is the exception. 72 kWh is more than both Bolt and Model 3, let alone Leaf, Zoe etc. I would think it would make more sense to use a much smaller battery and make it more affordable. For how long can you ride this in sand dunes before it needs to be recharged?

From big rigs to dune buggies…yeah.