Nikola Zero Electric UTV To Launch With $37,500 Price Tag, Range Of Up To 200 Miles

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Nikola Zero

Nikola Zero

Nikola Zero

Nikola Zero

Nikola Motor Company has unveiled the Nikola Zero electric buggy.  Yes, the same company that 4 months ago announced the Nikola One electric semi truck, that turn to be an extended range hydrogen truck.

The Nikola Zero is to be a four-motor all-wheel drive vehicle with a massive 72 kWh battery (instead of the 50 kWh hinted previously).

Range estimate is pegged at a reasonable distance (given the battery specs) of up to 200 miles (320 km), while the power output peaks at 520 hp, good enough for a 0-60 mph in 3 seconds.  Sounds scary in a UTV to us…but we are up for taking for a test spin nonetheless!

MSRP price of this buggy is $37,000 (with a $750 refundable deposit), so basically comparable with Chevrolet Bolt EV, just without all those pesky creature comforts…like windows.

“The first ever production ready electric powered UTV to hit the market. With zero emissions, but dozens of options! Options that range from 100-200 miles on a charge, 300HP – 500HP and up to 476 ft. lbs. of torque, you won’t be lacking in any situation.

This thing is a monster with features and options like; IP67 water resistant up to 3 meters deep, 0-60 MPH in less than 3 seconds, 4×4 all the time, on the fly torque control for each wheel, 100% torque through entire pedal position, winches on the front and the rear, 2x the payload of any other UTV, 2X the towing capacity, 2x the stopping power of any other UTV, 32″ beadlock tires, rear steering, on board air compressor system, 14.5″ ground clearance, and 20″ of travel on the front and the rear suspension.”

Nikola Zero

Nikola Zero

Nikola Zero spec:

  • 100 – 200 MILE RANGE
  • 400 VOLTS
  • 72 kWh BATTERY
  • 0-60 IN 3 SECONDS
  • 32” TIRES
Nikola Zero

Nikola Zero

Nikola Zero

Nikola Zero

Nikola Zero

Nikola Zero

Nikola Zero

Nikola Zero

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I notice they don’t claim the displays (and other electronics) are waterproof…

Not to be unkind, but I’m guessing the market for a $37,500 dune buggy is fairly small, regardless of how good the electric range is.

Googling a bit, it looks like if you’re paying more than $8-9k for a new 4-seater dune buggy, then you’re buying something fairly high end… and you can pay a lot less for a bare-bones buggy.

Looks like they brought on purpose something that nobody wants on the market. Probably they’re not able to make too many of them.

There is a sizeable market for them…
The Polaris is the best selling one and they are priced up to 28k…
Some people will throw 10k or more in aftermarket parts on them…
They are called side by sides and they have actualy almost put an end to sport Quad ATVs…

There’s certainly a market for 4×4 quads.
Many are used for utility, not recreation, and the electric ones seem to be priced US$<15K (Polaris Ranger, for example)

What I presume Kosee meant, and I agree, is that the very price of this one makes it iffy — extreme amount of power and range of this one (if it exists, which I still doubt) are simply unnecessary for most if the market.

UTVs aren't usually road legal — why do you need 200mi of range?

This one is 100 % for recreation so the price is not that out of line compared to what people spend for other recreation 4 x 4s…

UTVs and ATVs are 100% road legal in AZ but I dont know about other states…

It would need a large range if you take them out to the desert or sand dunes where there is no recharging…

There are lots of 100k plus sand rails that go out to the sand dunes so money is not an object for them…
There are also tons of 20k plus Polaris that have many aftermarket mods out there and if this was produced and high quality it will bè bought by many who seek to be the fastest…

The price does not make this one ify the company does…

Honda Suzuki Yamaha and Can-Am all make them too and you cannot touch a gas version for 8K…

“Up to 3 meters deep”yikes,thats about 9 feet.everything better be waterproof

I’ll take mine in black!

“100% torque through entire pedal position”

So no matter how hard or soft you push the pedal you get 0-60 in 3 seconds? Sounds like a pretty sensitive throttle.

Torque does not equal acceleration.

Please do not make ridiculous statements about things you do not understand.

Looks completely unrelated to their FCEV semi truck in all aspects… Which makes me seriously doubt they’re a real company.

Virtually no synergy in either R&D or marketing for such different products a small company that hasn’t demonstrated actual prototypes to the public yet…

If this is a real product the market looks vanishingly small due to the price. Noone needs that kind of AER on a vehicle that isn’t road-legal in most of the US, or that kind of power either.
There are already several electric UTVs that look much more appropriate for the typical uses, including large companies like Polaris for a third of the price.

Not at all to suggest you’re wrong, but I could see that the company might want to market something like this just to demonstrate that they can build a workable electric vehicle. That would put them, at the least, one giant step past Faraday Future.

Still, a dune buggy (you can call it a “sand rail” or “side by side”, but it’s still a dune buggy to me) is awfully far away from a semi tractor!

“Still, a dune buggy is awfully far away from a semi tractor!”
Exactly my point. A startup by its very nature very limited in terms of resources (personnel, test facilities); its only advantage vs. larger companies is being able to move quickly if it’s highly focused and willing to take chances.
If they’re designing/prototyping both types of vehicles at once, they’re could have done a single one much faster. Marketing of the two types is also entirely different — long-range trucking is a commercial fleet market, so you need marketing/bizdev people familiar with it, while leisure-time buggies is a pure consumer market (esp. this model, which is clearly not for simple utility like forestry). Different types of employees and company focus.

I can only hope the motor and battery are repurposed from the truck. A largish battery would likely be necessary to for a truck to manage hills. It’s also easier to bring a buggy to market then something whichb runs on public roads. Might be a good way to quickly get real world feedback.

There is a prototype that they had at the Sand Sport Super Show in California last month, and here is a video of it being driven:

This makes the GM /LG Bolt look attractive…

Might be good for military use.

This dune buggy/golf cart abomination looks even more fun to drive in the rain than the Twizzy.

Assuming it’s built well, this would be really nice for hunting and fishing pretty much anywhere in western Canada, the Rocky Mountain states, or west Texas. Pack it as-is and go small, or put a hitch on it and pull a small camp kitchen trailer. Or even a rugged camper.

I’ve always hated going far out into the middle of nowhere, then hearing someone else’s gas engine in the distance. Kinda spoils the mood.

If this were truly an option for me (it’s not currently, and probably won’t ever be) I’d research how big of a folding solar panel I’d have to take to fuel the ride home within a day or two of charging. Otherwise I’d pack the quietest generator I could find.

Looks like emissions free fun…I wonder how many people would trade in there gas guzzling dune buggy for this UTV?

If they can afford gas guzzlers, my experience, especially in AZ is they don’t give a damn. Same with the baja boats here.

I’m all for this. I really want a VIA truck with solar bed for AZ. Thats where its at. Solar panels inside the bed, or with a topper on top, like a sleeper RV.

If you’ve ever done any ‘offroading’, you’ll soon realise that what range your vehicle has ‘onroad’ bares no resemblance to what you’ll get ‘offroad’.
I expect this would be the case with an electric vehicle too…